Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Power of Trump

Not a day goes by when you don't hear or read where someone in the media or a politician from any party is saying something negative about Donald Trump.
They all say he doesn't have a chance of being nominated as the Republican candidate for President, let alone be elected as President.
Question. If everyone is so confident Trump doesn't have a chance, why do they spend so much time attacking him?
It does seem as though the more they attack him, the more he rises in the polls.
Why might that be?
I think the reasons are many and deep.
First, many Americans see both the Democrats and Republicans as two sides to the same coin. Democrats are seen as taking away one half of our freedoms and Republicans are seen as taking away the other half. Both seem to be bound by special interests that buy their votes. Both want to divide and conquer the general public. Neither party seems to have any interest in putting American citizens first. Members of both parties want Americans to think of them as fine, upstanding people of high moral character.
What Americans do care about is having a decent job and they would like to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. They really don't care about any other country in the world. They are sick of being dragged into wars that cost lives and money without providing any benefit to them.
For many, I believe, Trump is seen as the "None of the Above" candidate. He evokes the "I'm mad as hell and won't take it anymore" reaction to both the Republican and Democratic candidates.
It seems as though it matters little which party wins any election for anything. Nothing changes. The rich get richer and everyone else is stuck where they are if lucky or gets poorer if not so lucky.
We now live in a country where just about everything is illegal and what isn't illegal (yet) costs too much.
About the only thing we are Number One at is the number of people in jail.
We really haven't won a war since WW II.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Solving global warming

Look, if you really want to do something about global warming and or climate change, you need to go to the root of the problem.
In 1950 the world population was 2,525,778,669. In 2015 it is estimated to be 7,324,782,225. This is nearly triple what it was in 1950.
The root of the problem is the human animal.
More and more people equals a greater and greater demand for everything including more energy from all sources.
If there is no control of the population, there is no way "clean energy" will ever solve the problem.
If the population had been stabilized at 2,525,778,66, the earth would probably be cooling instead of warming.
Clean energy is kind of like trying to bale water faster out of a sinking boat while you load more people into the sinking boat.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some pluses to gay sex

There are some advantages that gay sex has over heterosexual sex.
Most obvious should be that no one never need worry about anyone getting pregnant from it.
In a world way over populated, this primary feature should be seen as a positive.
If the choice is between masturbation and gay sex, gay sex could be seen as a better alternative. And if you dare to think about it, masturbation is a form of same sex sex, unless someone of the opposite sex is masturbating you.
The biggest down side to gay sex is the label. Many people view gay sex as unnatural and treat anyone who indulges in gay sex as somewhat less than human. There is a fair amount of bigotry out there.
I am not advocating anyone to indulge in gay sex, anymore than I would advocate anyone indulging in heterosexual sex.
I just want to point out some things about it that are often overlooked and/or simply oppressed.
When it comes to sex, the body simply does not care who is touching it where. It simply reacts to what feels pleasurable or painful. It is the brain, which happens to be part of the body, that has its preferences and makes objections. This is why rape and all forms of molestation are so wrong.
Let's take the case of someone who is not gay but is sexually molested. Not always but more often than recognized is what causes the shame of being raped or molested. It comes from experiencing pleasure when it is not wanted. And in cases of gay rape, the victim can wonder and worry they might be gay because they did experience some unwanted sexual pleasure. The victim can wonder, "Did they see in me what I don't see or have been oppressing in myself."
We humans are very complicated creatures. Our bodies have wants and desires that aren't interested in anything called sexual morality. Morality is in the head, not the body.
Where am I coming from to say what I am saying?
Once upon a time a long time ago I was molested by a friend of the family. I ran off into the night filled with shame and worry I might be gay. My mind even to this day has blocked out the details of what happened. In an effort to determine if I was in fact gay and was only running from my true nature, I paid for the services of a prostitute (the only time I ever did) and was relieved that I could easily perform as a man.
But the worry did continue for a long time and part of what I used for recovery was cutting myself to let the demon out during the year immediately after the gay experience.
The funny thing is I never hated the person who molested me. Made sure never to see him again but never hated him.
Why? What would be the point? What would I gain? At the very least it was a learning opportunity. I eventually came to realize sex is just sex. It is not love. It is not about who you are. It's a pleasure that can be had with the same sex, the opposite sex or by yourself. It all depends upon what you want or don't want to do.
I mentioned I went to a prostitute a few weeks after I had an unwanted gay experience. Then about four years after that experience, I got drunk with a male friend of mine and one thing led to another that found us naked together and having sex.  That was the last time, now almost 50 years ago, that I had sex with a man.
It wasn't bad. I know I enjoyed the pleasure. I also know I felt it was all rather pointless because I wasn't attracted to him, didn't love him, and have never been attracted to men. I think what might have happened under the influence (excuse) of being drunk was wanting to know what I experienced when I was molested. And what I learned was that sexual pleasure is sexual pleasure but being attracted to someone makes the experience memorable - and it is women, preferably women I see  as beautiful, that I have always been attracted to.
Further, I know that for some men and women, it is the same sex they are attracted to and fall in love with.
What this all means is that we are all human and being human can be very complicated and confusing.
Straight or gay, we need to follow our own desires but must never trick or force anyone, same or opposite sex, to have sex with us.
And there is no reason to put down anyone whose desires are different from ours.