Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Not Me Too Movement

Flat out, I am totally am opposed to the Me Too Movement.
I don't disagree that sexual assault can cause damage all the way from emotional, psychological to physical and in worst cases - death.
But with such a wide level of damage and the fact that not everyone reacts to assault in the same way, it is a serious stretch to throw all into the same basket.
Another problem with the claim of having been sexually assaulted is that without proof (evidence), it remains a claim. But once the claim is made and directed at a particular person, the damage to the person charged can be significant.
Sorry but I do agree with others who say the Me Too Movement has become a witch hunt. The biggest proof is how it has become dangerous to doubt any woman accusing any man of anything.  We are told we MUST believe and MUST shut up! If charged by a woman of having done anything sexually inappropriate, he is guilty until found innocent. I guess the solution in he said - she said disputes is to bind up the man, toss him in the lake and wait to see if he lives or drowns. If he drowns, he was innocent. If he floats and doesn't die, then hang him until he is dead.
I don't hate the women who make sexual charges against men. Some are telling the truth. Some are confused and might suffer from mental problems that cause delusions. Some are liars for whatever reason. The real culprits are the men who buckle in fear of objecting and questioning, and those who use the women to advance their political goals and/or their economic goals.
When charges fly, everyone loses except for the lawyers who make money off of other people's problems.
I have survived the Me Too Movement, so far. Can you?

Friday, September 7, 2018

The disgraced New York Times

This is not a long blog. My point is simple. No news paper can claim to have any integrity if it hides the name of people who write editorials posted in their paper.
This crap started with those two crappy reporters for the Washington Post who hid the name of the person who wanted to use them to drive Nixon from the White House.
If you want to know who inhabits the Swamp, the majority of the Swamp people are reporters who insist on calling themselves journalist. The only creatures lower than them are lawyers and a high percentage of elected officials who are lawyers.