Sunday, August 19, 2018

What Make America Great Again Really Means

Thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY and his stupid statement - "America was never all that great," we can now see where he was wrong and President Trump was right.
America was and is great but why it was and why it still is has been hidden by false ideas of what is meant by its greatness.
Its greatness has always been the possibility, the dream of freedom. It has never been what it can do for you. It has not been about what you can do for it. It is and has been what you can do for you and those you love. No excuses. No promises.
Of course there have always been enemies of the dream. Most notable is every and all forms of bigotry. A close second and often related to bigotry is presumed entitlement based upon race, creed, color, sex, national origin, education, job description, But these are not the fault of America or the American Dream. They are the fault of human nature and that fault has existed in all cultures in all times. It's that human brain looking for excuses. Not my fault. Must be someone else's fault.
Making America Great Again is all about reinstilling in all Americans that their freedom is up to them. It's not something anyone can give you. It's you not taking no for an answer. It's about you demanding of yourself the best you can be. No excuses.