Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting bored with True Blood

I was an early fan of the HBO program True Blood and have continued to watch it but not sure for how much longer.
Mostly, I have enjoyed it as a comedy. If I were a Southerner, I might take some offense at the the way the Southern yahoos are depicted. Dumb and dumber.
The problem I am having with the program is on several fronts.
Too many characters and too many plot lines. It has become a Soap Opera.
Bill, who has been the main vampire to date doesn't seem to have any backbone. He is hard to like.
This whole idea of vampires being required to obey vampire law (kings, queens, sheriffs and what not) is a drag.
Last year we had the woman demon who was at least easy to look at. This year we have biker werewolves with a Nazi connection.
Is this supposed to attract the fans of Twilight?
I guess I'll try one more episode before I decide if I'll continue to watch.

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