Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is pornography

Is there really such a thing as pornography or is it just a word used to try to trash something and make the one who says something is pornographic appear to be of high moral character?
The dictionary defines pornography as "books, movies, photographs designed to cause sexual arousal and having little or no artistic merit."
"I know it when I see it," is a common statement used to define a particular book, movie or photograph."
The problem with all these definitions is how they all are a personal point of view. So what you come up with is: "Pornography is in the eye of the beholder."
Would anyone dare ask the person who says this or that is pornography, would they dare ask that person, "So you're telling me you were sexually excited by that book, movie or photo?"
And why is the charge of pornography limited to books, movies and photos? Couldn't we just as easily charge husbands and wives with committing acts of pornography when they are busy making babies? After all, they are doing things to cause each other to become sexually excited. And a good thing to, since none of would be here without men and women engaging in a little pornography.

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