Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some thoughts on evolution

Some people don't like evolution. Some even argue that everything was created by God in six day a few thousand years ago.
I ask, You find it difficult to believe that we EVOLVED from an amoeba?"
I don't understand when one considers how we evolve from an egg and sperm over the course of nine months.
An oak tree evolves from an acorn. A tropical depression evolves into a hurricane. A moth becomes a butterfly. Evolution happens every day in thousands of ways.
You start with a letter, add a few more and you form a word. Add some more words and you have a sentence. Sentences form paragraphs and eventually you could even have a book, such as the Bible.
It takes time for something to become what it eventually becomes. It isn't what it becomes until it becomes what it is. The Bible didn't become the Bible until all the books in it were completed and agreed upon.
Does a little bit of steel and plastic become a car? Eventually they could become a car if all the material is processed and refined correctly, and the parts are eventually assembled into the final product.
Oh, no! See where you have forced me to go now? The same might be said of that little egg and sperm. I could argue a human being doesn't exist until the evolutionary process within the woman is completed and she gives birth to a finished product.
Now I know why some people don't like the idea of evolution.

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