Monday, August 1, 2011

Star Gazzing

I have a question and it's not about movie stars. It's about all that twinkling stuff we see when we look at the night time sky.
I was watching something on TV about worm holes and the speed of light, and began to wonder if anyone really knows what they are talking about.
Experts say that when we look at distant stars thousands and millions of light years away, we are looking into the past. This seems logical at first glance but then my mind began to wonder if we might be missing something here.
Here's why. If we look up at the stars from the northern hemisphere we see one group of stars. If we look up from the southern hemisphere we see a different group of stars. Okay, not a problem. There is more that can be seen from any one vantage point. But here is where my devious mind asks a question. From a certain vantage point should we be able to see nothing where the future should be? Or, to look at it in a slightly different way, is it possible some of the stars we see are actually many, many years in the future and we are seeing them from the past???
I think these are valid questions when you consider how we humans think. We have a tendency to think everything is about us. Once upon a time we thought the Earth was flat because that was the way it seemed to us. We thought the Sun went around the Earth because that was the way it looked to us. We believed what we believed because we were unable to see the big picture.
Now throw in the idea of the Big Bang. Did it explode out in all directions or did it explode only forward like a shotgun blast? If it were an explosion like a bomb, where are we in relationship to the point of explosion? If it were more like a shotgun blast, where are we in relationship to forward and sideward trajectory?
So my question is this. Has anywone heard of any scientist addressing these questions? Do we have any idea where we are in relationship to both time and space?

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