Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free to insult

Just a few thoughts concerning the video onYouTube that caused such a stir in the Muslim world and resulted in deaths.
I watched the video and thought it was goofy and mildly amusing. Clearly, it was an attempt to insult Muslims. I put it in the same class as the Crucifix in a jar of piss.
After watching it, I can understand why some people, especially Muslims, would be offended but not to the extent of wanting to kill anyone over it.
There is much talk about bullying and clearly this was an act of word and visually bullying. And while I am not a fan of anyone bullying anyone, often the response to bullying is to bully in retaliation.
Muslims frequently say they regard Jesus as a prophet too, not their number one prophet but still a prophet. Presuming this is true, then maybe they should do as Jesus taught and turn the other cheek.
If bullying is meet with bullying, it just escalates into more and more bullying. The result is an escalation from scattered violence to all out war.
If Muslims ever want to be free from dictators, and I include so called religious leaders (theirs and ours) as dictators, they need to learn to retaliate by not taking the bait offered by a bully.
We and they need to grow up. 

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