Thursday, October 25, 2012

The employment picture

So you would like to see the economy get better and drastically reduce the number of unemployed?
But when you look at what all levels of government are and aren't doing to reduce the debt, can you really expect any help?
The economy is slowly making some progress. Many businesses are hiring but find themselves fighting a rising tide of layoffs coming from all levels of government.
Every laid off worker drags the economy down, and that includes those laid off at the federal, state, county, town, city and school districts.
Some like to say you can't spend your way out of the economic downturn. Neither can you lay off workers and expect them to spend our way out of the economic downturn. Lay offs hurt the economy and it doesn't matter if those laid off work are from the government or for a private business.
All levels of government need to stop with the lay offs and start to rehire, and this includes the schools.
If taxes need to be raised some, so be it.

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