Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Botched Execution

Oklahoma just had a "botched" execution.
I’ve never understood how killing a person in good health is humane while killing a person who is dying and in pain is inhumane and called murder. We seem to have a language problem in this country, along with many other problems. But if a state really wants to kill someone, why be so exotic about it? Vets put down animals with only one injection. They don’t need a “cocktail” to do it. Do they use cocktails so no one executioner can be the one giving the fatal dose? A bit cowardly, I would say. I would also like to know all who are taking part in the killing from the Jury, Judge and Executioner or Executioners. Again, cowardly. Lastly, if they insist on doing it, they need to strike the part about the people of the state are doing it. Unless we all get to vote on who gets executed, it is not the people of the state who are doing it. The fact of the matter is that states and the federal government like to hold a monopoly when it comes to murder. They just hate competition from the public.

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