Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why I write about vampires the way I do.

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Quite simply, I don't believe in any supernatural monsters. I believe any creature that did, does or could exist would be natural.
I don't believe vampires that look human do exist but if they were to exist, then they might be very much like the vampires I write about. This is why one of the titles for my third vampire novel was titled "And God Created Vampires."
Second main thought in writing these vampire stories is my firm belief that if they were to exist, they would have every right to live as vampires. No apologies. No excuses. Their thoughts would be their thoughts. Their ways would be their ways. Just as a tiger or a wolf have no reason to feel "immoral" because they kill other living creatures, my vampires are not immoral just because they kill humans when they take blood. 

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