Monday, August 1, 2016

If Khan likes the Constitution

So Pope Francis says “it’s not right to identify Islam with violence. It’s not right and it’s not true.”
I guess the Pope is fully on board with Politically Correct Speech.
I'm not. PC speech glosses over the realities of life. It's one thing to try to be ecumenical when it comes to religions but it does take two to tango and the Islamic terrorists and much of the Islamic world in general are not willing to tango.
Ever since the birth of Islam, it has been at war with all of the world's religions and not just with other religions. Islam shares one thing in common with Christianity. Islam has a long history of proselytism, just as does Christianity.
Wikipedia says, "A form of forced conversion became institutionalized during the Ottoman Empire in the practice of dev┼čirme, a human levy in which Christian boys were seized and collected from their families (usually in the Balkans), enslaved, converted to Islam, and then trained as elite military unit within the Ottoman army or for high-ranking service to the sultan. From the mid to late 14th, through early 18th centuries, the dev┼čirme–janissary system enslaved an estimated 500,000 to one million non–Muslim adolescent males. These boys would attain a great education and high social standing after their training and conversion."
The mess the Balkans is still, is a result of the Ottoman Empire.
To be fair, I should note that Christian missionaries in this country, primarily Catholic, did a lot of proselytism to native North, Central and South Americans.
Everyone does believe their religion is the best religion and everyone should agree with them.
Now fast forward to Donald Trump and his tiff with the Khan family.
Donald, you really need to stop taking the bait.
But I will side with him to this extent. If Khan likes the Constitution so much, he should consider converting to Christianity because it was written by Christians.
Actually, I don't care if the Khans become Christian or not. But they should realize there wouldn't be a US Constitution or a Bill of Rights if this country had been founded by Muslims. Even today, Muslims war among themselves.
It would be nice if Christian, Jews and people of faiths other than Islam were allowed to live in Muslim countries without bothering to worry that their clothing and manners might get them in trouble with the authorities, unlike as Muslims expect when visiting or living in countries not Islamic.
This is what bothers so many Americans and Europeans. We are expected to accommodate them in our countries while they demand we follow their ways in their Islamic countries. No where is this double standard more obvious than when it comes to women.
I think I have said enough and will conclude with this. I don't give a damn what religion you belong to or don't belong to. Maybe you don't believe in any god or goddess. Just keep your religion to yourself and don't bother anyone with your religion no matter what country you or they are in.
And Khan, once again, remember the Constitution was written by Christians who were sick and tired of being bothered by people of different faiths.
Donald, wise up and stop taking the bait.

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