Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Vampires Just Want To Have Fun Poem

Vampires Just Want To Have Fun

We vampires just want to have fun
When we take your blood,
We do it for the fun of it,
Without any intention of killing you,
It’s just one of those things that happen.

If you had a choice in how to die,
You would want to die from a vampire,
It would cause you so much pleasure,
More than your heart can bear,
But before your heart gives out,
You will experience all the love a vampire can give.

First, I’ll get naked for you,
To excite you with my naked beauty,
You will look at me and want me,
You will quickly undress to join with me,
To experience your wildest sexual desires,
And it won’t matter if you are a man or a woman,
Because sex is the gateway to the love you want.

I promise you a really good time,
Every inhibition you have ever had,
Will melt when my hot body touches yours,
You will beg to be consumed by me,
And you will see my fangs as things of beauty.

I’ll make you last more than you ever lasted,
And your hunger for me will grow with my hunger for you,
Your mind will soar on the wings of pleasure,
While it has visions of me as an angel from heaven,
Whom God has chosen to take you there on a stairway of blood,
And I will thank when I pull out my fangs,

While you slip away to join those who have gone before you.

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