Thursday, April 26, 2018

The late great Democrats

Once upon a time, I was a Democrat. Then somewhere along the way, they went nuts. What happened?
My best guess is that they stopped seeing  individual Americans and started seeing Americans as belonging to groups, or as they prefer to call them, communities. You have your black community, gay community, Muslim community, Hispanic community, and on and on and on.
This was the start of the Democrats going nuts.
The second thing that happened was when the Democrats began to decide that if you didn't agree with them, you were either evil or stupid and maybe both. They, in one word, became "Intolerant."
This intolerance was exacerbated when Trump was elected president.
Now a year and a half after the election, the Democrats still can't believe they lost.They blame everyone and everything but themselves for their loss. Those who voted for Trump need to be educated and Trump must be removed by any and all means needed. They must correct history because they are the only good and intelligent people.
The problem with their thinking is that they are crazy.
Trump has not been able to drain the swamp but he has exposed the Democrats and Republicans who slither about in the D.C. swamp.   

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