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Inlet plans for a Wuhan China Virus summer

Inlet TB May 12 2020

Inlet plans for a Wuhan China Virus summer
INLET—The Inlet Town board meeting began with Supervisor Frey asking for a moment of silence for Chris Risley, Bruce Gribneau and Dan Carmichael. All had a huge impact on the town and will be missed. He spoke fondly of the memory of Dan Carmichael and Mrs. Hasmaier at the town board meetings often.
Supervisor Frey stated that the Public Hearing currently open to research and hear discussion regarding selling a small portion of land to the Townsend family that currently separates two of the parcel’s owned by the Estate of John Townsend remains open. There is nothing new to report or share at this time, however, the public hearing will remain open for opportunity to research this transaction completely.
Karl Marsh spoke on behalf of the Hospitality Group that formed to advocate for different restaurants/businesses in the Town of Inlet. He read a list of questions and Supervisor Frey addressed each question as best as possible. Benches will not be put out yet because of the maintenance to keep them clean and sanitized. Some trash receptacles will be placed throughout town, however, not all.
Mitch Lee spoke to the danger for his employees to be emptying a large amount of public garbage and cleaning benches and receptacles. The picnic tables will also not be put out at this point. Recreation is not part of initial opening phase.
The question of whether public restrooms will open soon was an important topic. Adele Burnett posed some questions if bathrooms are really to be lumped into phase 4 or if they are in an earlier phase for reopening. The Board was asked if they can apply 6 ft markers on sidewalks and throughout town. Mitch answered that there were plans to do so and Adele added that the IABA are working on a universal symbol and signage for reminders of the social distancing.
Discussion regarding possibly getting a fogger to help sanitize all the public surfaces followed. Mitch explained that it would take a tremendous amount of produce to disinfect everything with these and there is a huge amount of work in wiping everything down after they are sprayed. There was mention that some cleaning agents do not work well together and often these applications require someone to be licensed. Adele mentioned that the unified message being created will carry the message that if you are not feeling well, do not enter the business and when entering a business, you must have a mask and practice social distancing. Karl asked if the town was able to supply businesses with sanitizer and masks. Supervisor Frey said he did supply some sanitizer but did not feel the town could continue to supply each business. He thought maybe there was a possibility of piggybacking with Town of Webb to possibly have greater purchasing power.
Dave Scranton questioned why there are so many restrictions on outside activities and equipment. He mentioned that the virus in sunlight can only live about 1 minute. Mitch expressed again his concern for his employees and needs to protect them. Supervisor Frey added that we need to err on the side of caution. Supervisor Frey also added that we need to strictly follow the guidelines in each phase of reopening.
There will be testing for Wuhan China Virus (COVID) held for Inlet employees and all EMS.
Mary Catalino questioned who was included in the testing and which test it was. Supervisor Frey clarified that Police, EMS and Town Employees are included in the testing and it was only the COVID test, not the antibody. Connie Perry asked if any testing would be offered for the people coming to their second homes.
Supervisor Frey said there is not enough tests at this time to do that.
Greg Rudd asked when he will be able to open his cabin rentals and at the time of the meeting, it was too soon to give a firm answer. He stated that he has a friend that is in the business of sanitizing, cleaning, or disinfecting. He will get John Frey the name and number. He added how his friend reiterated that the most important thing is to just clean, nothing fancy, just clean.
Supervisor Frey mentioned that the County requirement of reopening will be that every business have a plan that they can submit to the County Health Department. At this time Arts in the Park will not be cancelled, it is too early to make this decision. Supervisor Frey added that some real tough decisions will need to be made during this reopening and summer.
Supervisor Frey brought the subject of the 4th of July fireworks to discussion. He had heard that Town of Webb just cancelled theirs. Robin Hill thought that had not cancelled yet and Connie Perry heard they are waiting to consult with Inlet to make the decision.
On a MOTION made by Supervisor Frey to cancel this year’s July 4th Firework display due to the amount of people it would draw, especially with surrounding towns having cancelled their displays. Motion was SECONDED by Councilman Levi. Clerk called a vote and the MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.
Councilman Townsend AYE Councilman Brownsell AYE
The discussion on how to handle the Cottage rentals at Arrowhead Park this summer followed. At the very least, it was recommended that we cut the rental week short and have weekly rentals check out at Noon on Friday. This would allow more time for cleaning and “natural” disinfecting with time.
Supervisor Frey discussed what will be the shared use of the tower, first promoting Herkimer County 911, however, Hamilton County welcome. The Town of Inlet had signed a memorandum of understanding with Peter Funk for the use of his property for the communication tower before a lease can be put in place. The town has been using his land for some time and already started progress on his land. Peter Funk has graciously allowed the town to do so without any compensation. Supervisor Frey felt it is time to start paying the $2400/year for rental of his property. Councilman Schmid and Councilman Levi had some questions. Supervisor Frey made a MOTION to amend the MOU to include the $2400/year payment prior to any formal lease signing. Councilman Townsend SECONDED the motion and a vote was called by the Town Clerk:
The motion carried unanimously
The Broadband map project has been passed to Adirondack research.
Robin Hill gave a relief fund update. The relief fund was set up to help anyone from Woodgate to Raquette Lake that has needs due to COVID- 19. You would need to apply with CAP21.
Park’s Supervisor, Mitch Lee provided a monthly report. In addition, John Townsend mentioned that Mitch is interviewing candidates for the open Park’s department position. Mitch spoke that that he would like to hire a candidate if one fits their needs. He spoke as to why he would still need to fulfill the position, even now with everything going on.
Superintendent Shawn Hansen’s report was follows: All roads have been swept and most all sand has been picked up. Hauled garbage and recyclables. Patrolled roads after numerous windstorms. Worked on office and break room in storage facility. Cleaned up the yard around the storage facility. Raked the Uncas Rd to try to get it to dry up. Sides of the road remain soft. Patrolled the Moose River Plains Rd. Cleared downed trees, picked up trash, and blew leaves off the road surface. Started to rake road. Cleaned up the Townsend Trail from the winter runoff. Put up “Clean up after your Dog” signs. Haul garbage and recyclables
Coming up: Finish getting Moose River Plains ready to open. As of right now it looks like we are on schedule to open the gates on time. The scheduled opening is 5-21-2020 by the end of the day. Things may change between now and then. Feel free to call my office to find out the latest. I plan on speaking with the forester this week to make sure were still on track.
Fill in washouts on Townsend Trail. Keep picking away at building our new facility. Power line needs to be dug and buried. Electric inspection. Going to be Chip sealing a section of the blacktop portion of Uncas Rd. Not 100% sure of that schedule yet.
In June, the week of June 8-11, we are doing a town wide storm damage brush pickup as we have in the past. All brush is to be brought out to the roadsides. To get on our list please call the highway department at 315-357-4541 and leave a message
We are also doing a scrap metal pick-up during the same week as the brush pick- up. Call the highway Department to get on the list, 315-357-4541 and leave a message.
Install culverts and spread gravel on the Uncas Rd.
Superintendent Hansen offered the following monthly report: Open 4 days a week - Mon, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8AM-7PM. Closed from 12-1 daily for lunch.
Things are well caught up. The building is clean and orderly. They have been continuously disinfecting the whole building, as necessary.
Supervisor Frey stressed his belief that we need to keep limited hours at this time only because of COVID-19. This area is a huge avenue of exposure. Connie mentioned that she spoke with Tina and recommended possibly large places putting plastics in their own sheds, etc. for a possible de-contamination time.
Supervisor Frey said he is only recommending keeping hours as is until the June meeting. Lengthy discussion followed about the need for more hours, risks and potential problems Memorial Day Weekend could pose.
The group has been meeting regularly to discuss ideas, in addition to their current project of starting a community garden.
Supervisor Frey mentioned that his wife, Sarah Frey, and John Deming are looking at donating land to the Town as a “no cost gift” to develop a handicap trail. The provision would offer that the Town would have a certain amount of time to develop this hopeful trail.
Supervisor Frey emphasized the need for social distancing on the trails, even though you are outside. If you cannot socially distance, wear a mask. He has seen evidence of people hiking the trails without masks.
Dave Scranton asked why current employees of the town would be permitted/invited into the interview of a prospective candidate. Mitch explained that the employees know the job better than anyone and he feels that the employees must work closely everyday with the person and would be a better judge of personality fits.
Bill Faro asked if the Transfer Station could extend the hours in time for Memorial Day Weekend, if they could move the fireworks display until Labor Day weekend and if they could set up sanitizing stations at picnic tables for public use. There were many that felt these were great ideas, however, did not agree with the sanitizing stations. Mitch added that it would be too much of a liability.
Connie Perry thanked the Board and community for the support in Climate Smart and the community garden.
Next regular meeting will be held June 9, 2020 at 7:30.

This article is based upon minutes proved by Yvonne Lutz, Town Clerk.

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