Friday, January 8, 2021

Foxy Brown X-Ski Trail

 Foxy Brown X-Ski Trail

The Foxy Brown X-Ski Trail is a 5.6-mile trail located within the Jessup River Wild Forest. After traveling along the Piseco Airport runway, the trail routes users primarily through a northern hardwood forest. To complete the loop, users must cross the runway, so be sure to check for oncoming aircraft before traveling back to the trailhead and parking area.

In 2019, DEC entered into a Volunteer Stewardship Agreement with Piseco Lake Association (PLA) allowing PLA to maintain the trail. During the 2020 field season, DEC Lands & Forest staff and PLA volunteers made the following improvements:

Construction of a 150’ ski bridge

Replacement-in-kind by the PLA board of a 25’ ski bridge

Repairs to an existing bridge

Brushing and blowdown removal on the 6.2-mile trail

Installation of new signage and trail markers, including mileage markers every quarter of a mile.

Removal of foot snags and large rocks from the trail tread

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