Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blooming Bloomberg

So now Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban smoking outdoors in most places. I guess he doesn't want any revenue from cigarette taxes. Maybe he even wants to discourage tourists who do smoke from coming to the city.
The man is a control freak. Anti smoking, anti abortion, anti prostitution, anti just about anything except for murder, rape and robbery is primarily anti human nature. It's about trying to fit everyone into a one size fits all policy. The anti human people really would like everyone to be the same. Conform to my idea of perfection or suffer the consequences is their mantra.
If you are going to be truly Pro-Life, then you are going to have to learn to put up with the varieties of human nature. Not everyone can think and behave exactly like you want them to think and act. If you are going to be Pro-Life, you will also need to be Pro-Choice because life does not like sameness. Nature hates sameness. Without some chaos, life grinds to a halt and the nothingness of death takes over. Without variety, without the freedom to be different, humans would still be living in caves.
I am not suggesting anyone should smoke, have or perform an abortion, be a prostitute or use the services of a prostitute. I am suggesting these are things of human nature and to try to control them is damaging to human nature unless they are freely chosen. If you do or don't do something because of fear of being fined, imprisoned or being killed, you are not a moral person. You are a coward.

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