Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free book

Get a free book.
I am looking for some reviews on my latest book - "Confessions of an Online Male Prostitute." This is a novella of about 26,000 words, written in the first person and made to look as though it is a memoir, which it is not.
The book is about a middle age married man who seeks to discover something about his youthful past that has been buried deep within his mind. It involves an incident where he may or may not have been raped by an older man. Though having lived as a heterosexual and having been married for many years, he sometimes wonders what it might be like to have consensual sex with another man. He experiments online by becoming a performer in an online web site where plays out his fantasy for paying customers. One of his customers wants to meet him in person and a meeting is arranged where he discovers a passion he may have been repressing or maybe he is just starved for the sex he and his wife haven't shared for a number of years

The book is currently available online in both print or for download at Amazon.

So here is the deal. Purchase the book in either print or ebook format, read it and write a review. Once you have written the review and posted it on Amazon, send me an email at ravenwolfpublishing@gmail.com, along with your address and a copy of your receipt from Amazon, and I will send an autographed copy of one of my other books, your choice, at no cost to you.

Hope to hear from you.

Pete Klein

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