Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So you think you love God

It has been said "Death is a punishment for wrong doers."
If this is true, I must conclude plants, animals and the entire Universe are wrong doers too.
But stop and think for a moment, if it were not for death, Adam and Eve and we too would have nothing to eat. If it weren't for death, the Earth would be wall to wall people and we would be worse off than people on a subway at 5 p.m.
So I ask this. Would you still love God if death were just a natural part of life? Would you still love God if death is just the end and there were no life beyond death? Is your ability to love God limited by the idea that you will have an afterlife in Heaven? Is your love of God so shallow that it depends upon you constantly being rewarded for "being good?"
I would suggest that a love that is always bought and paid for isn't much of a love. It's no better than the love a man gets from a prostitute he has bought and paid for.

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