Monday, March 12, 2012

Pete Klein talks about vampires

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Why do I write about vampires? For the fun of it.
Now let's be honest. Most vampire stories out there now a days have wimpy vampires who wish they weren't vampires. They fell so guilty about it. Poor dears!
My vampires love being vampires and why not when they consider themselves creatures destined by God to be vampires.
And look at all the perks my vampires have.
They can eat real food in addition to the blood they need. They can be out and about both day and night. And maybe most importantly, they can engage in real sex with both humans and other vampires!
They love sex at least as much as they love taking blood and in fact do it more often than they take blood. And they don't have any qualms about having sex with the same sex.
Did I mention they don't age?
There are really only a couple of ways they can die. Getting blown up will kill them. Having their head cut off will kill them. It is also possible for another vampire to kill them if their blood is violently pulled by another vampire intent on killing them. That's about it. No dumb Buffy can kill them.

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