Saturday, March 24, 2012

Work until hell freezes over

I have no intention of retiring.
Health care in this country is a cruel joke. Medicare is a cruel joke. Health insurance is a cruel joke.
Every health insurance plan will tell purchasers that the larger the pool, the lower the cost. Stands to reason that if everyone were in the same pool (National Health Care – same for all) would be the least expensive way to go. Same health care for me, you and all of our dearly beloved elected representatives including the President.
As things now stand, if at all possible, I intend to work until I drop dead so that the health insurance I do have and pay for at my workplace continues and I can keep just part A of Medicare because all the other parts cost too much and aren't worth a darn.
If you want to complain about being forced to buy health insurance under ObamaCare, well that just doesn't work because you are already forced to buy insurance if you own a car.
Now if you want to say that requirement is unconstitutional and needs to be scraped, I might agree with you about health insurance.
But forget about health insurance for just a minute. I don't really care. I avoid going to the doctor as much as possible and take only two inexpensive prescription drugs, one for blood pressure and one for cholesterol, costing less the $20 per month.
My plan, such as it is, is to work until I die. If for some reason I should should come down with some horrible disease such as cancer, my plan remains the same. I have no intention of conducting a courageous battle that costs a fortune. Just give me some good pain killers so I can work until I drop dead on the job.
Life is for living and that includes sex. As long as I can smoke, have sex and work, that is all that really matters.
Retirement is for sissies. My grandfather who worked six days a week and smoked, did that until he died in his 80's. What a way to go.

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