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Hope TB March 9 2020

Hope prepares for Wuhan Virus
HOPE—When the Hope Town Board met on March 9, Supervisor Steven Tomlinson reported he has met with Hamilton County Director of Nursing, Erica Mahoney, several times regarding the Corona Virus and how Hamilton County is preparing. He said as of this date there are no known active cases of the virus present in Hamilton County. The Nursing Services have been working closely with the Hamilton County Sherriff’s Department and their Dispatch Center, along with the State Police to ensure the protocol is followed if they are encountered with anyone with the suspected virus.
Supervisor Tomlinson went on to add that the county feels prepared with protocols in place and equipment that may be necessary. He added that Mahoney states there are avenues for those effected to reach out to them for, such as, food for 14 days of quarantine, as well as Airbnb and hotel accommodations for the families of those affected. NYS currently does have testing kits available in Albany. If they are needed in Hamilton County, The Nursing Service will reach out to them and are confident they could be here in a few hours. Supervisor Tomlinson states there are daily updates coming in and he will keep everyone posted of them.
Highway Superintendent Zachery Colson distributed a summary report for the month of February. It reads as follows: I have been working on the paperwork for the FEMA reimbursement. I have made a lot of progress on it and will be meeting with them this Wednesday for the scoping meeting.
We have been doing some work in the highway garage. We refurbished the office and created a break room. We cut a hole through one of the cinderblock walls and utilized a room that was getting very little use.
I will be going out to Viking Cives on Friday to have a Pre-installment meeting about our new truck. From this point we will be looking at 2-3 months to get the truck.
I am still working on the permit from DEC for the work we will be performing on Hope Falls Road. I have received word from the APA that approval from them is not needed for this work.
At this point Superintendent Colson discussed the forester summaries. He received two back. He learned that a lot of the foresters on the list work for the same company. Superintendent Colson added distributed written summary from Lake George Forestry Services, LLC and F & W. The town board members reviewed them and there was tabletop discussion about the reports. Under further review and discussion, the town board came to an agreement that they would like to meet with representatives from both companies to further get details on how the project will be. Councilman John Stuart Jr. asked if the project would require public vote. Supervisor Tomlinson is not sure, but he would investigate it and get an answer. Superintendent Colson will reach out the foresters to set up a meeting.
On a motion by Councilperson Mark Stuart, seconded by Councilperson John Stuart Jr., the following resolution was ADOPTED.
“Resolved is the approval to allow Hamilton County to post weight restrictions on town roads for the year 2020.
Supervisor Tomlinson also distributed the monthly report delivered by Code Officer Stewart. It read as follows: I issued no new permits in February. I completed the required codes report for the state. I completed the annual report for the Census Bureau. The website had 737 visits in January.
Supervisor Tomlinson states he met with Town Attorney Michael Polland regarding the contract between to the Town of Hope and Hope Volunteer Fire Department. He states everything looked to be in order in the contract and he should have a copy to distribute to the town board members in a few days. From there, if approved, the contract with be sent to Fire Chief Peter Robinson and their attorney for their approval. Once the contract is finalized, the project site work can begin. He explained that doing a walk through with a contractor he was able to get an estimate of approximately $100,000 for the project. This would include a new roof, siding for both the firehouse and storage building, automatic generator, new furnace, new well and all new interior. The board was in agreeance to continue to move ahead with the project. When completed this will be a firehouse and Municipal Center.
Superintendent Colson explained that Transfer Employee, June Robinson, collects garbage for the town every other Monday. Since, she is working in the Labor position during those hours, he would like to increase her hourly rate to $15 hour for this time. The effective start date is 2/24/2020.
On a motion by Councilperson Mark Stuart, seconded by Councilperson John Stuart Jr., the following resolution was ADOPTED - Resolved was the approval to increase wages for the transfer employee when working in the labor position for the town.
Town Clerk Jill Dunham advises she competed her first electronic death certificate. She states it is an easier process and requires less paperwork. With this, she will no longer be issuing the burial permits because that is also done electronically, and the funeral director can print them himself.
Dunham also attended a meeting regarding emergency preparedness. Northville Central School is listed through American Red Cross as a site for Town of Hope residents. There is also a mobile unit that can be utilized for emergencies such as the Halloween storm that occurred. It was learned through this meeting that there was a lack of communication that prevented the Town of Hope from receiving the mobile unit. The details to remedy this are being worked out. There is more information to come as the plan evolves. Jill will keep everyone posted.
The last thing Jill advises is that tax season is winding down and everything is on track regarding that.
Councilman John Stuart, Jr. asked if there was a working camera at the Transfer Station for safety purposes. Supervisor Tomlinson states there is not due to the fact it would require internet. Councilman Mark Stuart asked if Network Bridging was an available option through Spectrum. Supervisor Tomlinson did not know but will research the idea.
Supervisor Tomlinson asked Superintendent Colson to remove the railing outside the town hall. It does not need to be there to meet code since it is mostly at ground level. More soil will be brought in to level the ground out. He also asked that the town board allow a tree to be planted. The town board like that idea and William Witts may be able to get us one.
To conclude, Supervisor Tomlinson thanked everyone for their continued hard work with all that is going on.
The next scheduled Town of Hope Town Board meeting will be held on April 6, 2020 at 7 PM at the Hope Town Hall, located at 548 State Highway 30, Hope, NY.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Jill Dunham, Town Clerk.

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