Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Lake Pleasant handles February power outage

Lake Pleasant handles February power outage

LAKE PLEASANT—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on February 19, Supervisor Betsy Bain discussed the February  7 to 10 power outage and how the Town and Lake Pleasant Firemen got out to help everyone that needed help, especially those that are more vulnerable.
The Fireman brought a generator to a family that were on oxygen thanks to the help also from Roberta Bly and husband. Roberta Bly is the Commissioner of Social Services for Hamilton County. Lake Pleasant Fire Chief William Wharton followed up with visits to the home with the generator. Supervisor Bain also reached out with phone calls and home visits.
Councilperson Seifts made many phone calls also. Supervisor Bain has started a list to work from, people who have generators, who have wood stoves. Lake Pleasant Fire Dept. have ordered 2 portable generators and Roberta Bly is getting 2 more electric heaters. Councilperson Braunius stated that before the last two power outages National Grid had crews in advance, so he felt that service has improved.
Supervisor Bain congratulated the Village on obtaining a grant to help put up the 49’ fire tower.
Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported the new Dodge truck is performing well. Snowmobile trails were well used and are in great shape with help from the Snowmobile Clubs. There have been some comments that there is not enough trail signage.
Superintendent Lavarnway informed everyone about a new phone app which has all the NYSSA snowmobile trails, so you just locate Hamilton County, then the Town where someone wants to ride. This app includes what clubs groom and any riding hazards. Suggestion was to put this app on the Towns website.
The handicap automatic doors at the Primary Care Center have been adjusted the timing was off on the doors. Batteries were replaced and the timer was recalibrated. The lightening on the Flagpole at the Primary Care is not working, maybe water in the bulb? Lavarnway said he will investigate it.
Lavarnway informed the board that he has received 3 resumes for the Senior Mechanic position at the Highway Dept. no one has met the requirements. The Town will continue to advertise on face-book and the Town’s website, maybe adding overtime is available and that the candidate must be on call in the winter months.
Supervisor Bain let the Board know that the 175 Golf Course Rd. ROW letter that was approved at the Feb. 3 meeting was mailed out on Feb. 4 and there was no further discussion. The Town did receive one letter back from a ROW owner which the Supervisor was asked to forward to all her board members and that was done. The Verizon Cell tower resolution that was tabled at the March 2 meeting is being reviewed by an attorney. This attorney was suggested to the Town by the Town’s attorney who could not represent the Town because of a conflict.
The LED lightening being done by Potenia Management Group has been completed in the Highway garage and Town Hall, they were short 6 bulbs to compete the Salt Shed building.
Supervisor Bain met with Matt & Laura O’Brien from Oak Mt. about mountain bike trails. They will be trying to get these trails up and running. NYS DEC Natural Resources Planner Allison Buckley is working on creating two new kiosks for the trails - one for the east end of Elm Lake Road and one for Perkins Clearing Road.
Bain is working with the Lake Pleasant Seniors on a new contract for 2020. Councilperson Neil McGovern is still following up on the question about insurance co-pays with Nathan Littauer Hospital. Neil has spoken to Insurance Broker Bryan Moldt. A meeting is being set up for further discussion.
RESOLUTION # 29 the town board approved the Town Courts Justice Reports for January 2019- December 2019. all were approved.
CENSUS LETTER Supervisor Bain informed the board that Hamilton County Board of Supervisor’s thought it would be a good idea for all Town’s to get a letter out to all residents to Get Out The Count. This letter would explain how important it is to participate in the 2020 Census. The Census can be returned either electronically or by mail.
RESOLUION #28 the board agreed to have Bain get a letter out to the residents about get out the count.
Councilperson Seifts has started up the old Town’s face book page this should help to get the information out during emergencies.
Councilperson McGovern reported on his attendance at the 2020 Association of Towns in NYC. A lot of talk about cellular coverage.
Joy Eliezer feels that the Town’s Facebook page won’t work during power outages. Councilperson Meixner said that the Lake Pleasant Emergency Plan includes a large list of ways to communicate with the public.
Tim and Stephanie Smith and Joy Eliezer still want to know what the Town is planning to do with 175 Golf Course Road ROW.
Rebecca Smith asked about the Town’s reserve accounts for Highway equipment that needs to be purchased in the future. C.L. Smith has concerns about tree trimming of trees along power lines.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk

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