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Benson gets first look at 2020 budget

Benson TB October 1 2019

Benson gets first look at 2020 budget
BENSON—The Benson Town Board held a special meeting on October 1. The reason for this meeting was to pass out the Tentative Budget to the board.
The board decided to take home the Tentative Budget and review it.
What follow is a summary of the Tentative Budget presented to the board, that will now begin to work on it for a final budget. Numbers in (parentheses) are from last year’s budget.
The 2020 General Fund shows $275,011 ($285,436) in appropriations, less $5,048 in estimated revenue, leaving $269,936 ($258,836) to be raised by taxes.
The 2020 Highway Fund has $148,750 ($150,225) in appropriations, less $44,525 in estimated revenues, leaving $104,225 ($106,300) to be raised by taxes.
Appropriations total $423,761 ($435,661). revenues total $49,573, leaving the total amount to be raised by taxes for the 2020 General and Highway Fund at $374,188 (365,136).
Supervisor John Stortecky advised board that keeping any portion of unused insurance monies constituted insurance fraud. In response, the board passed the following resolution.
“WHEREAS, the Town of Benson 2017 Freightliner was damaged in 2018 when it struck a fixed object, and
“WHEREAS, the Town received a check from NYMIR in the amount of $5,578.48 for repairs, and
“WHEREAS, the Highway Superintendent and Highway employee were able to make all desired repairs for the sum of $2,664.36, including all parts, labor, and sublet repairs, and
“WHEREAS, the Town insurance coverage has a $500.00 deductible, leaving a balance of $2,164.36 expended for repairs, now, therefore, be it
“RESOLVED, that the Town Board of Benson desires to return the unused balance of $3,414.12 to NYMIR.”
Alex Mabbett discussed the speed limit on Washburn Rd. as being unreasonably high and not safe for pedestrian traffic.
As the insurance company has stipulated that certain caution signs should be removed the public must beware of vehicles.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes provided by Benson Town Clerk Jeanne Cox.

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