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Lake Pleasant goes with county on road salt

LPTB Sept 16 2019

Lake Pleasant goes with county on road salt
LAKE PLEASANT—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on September 16, Supervisor Dan Wilt followed up on the ADK Action letter which asks the town to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), pledging to reduce road salt. County Highway Superintendent Tracy Eldridge agrees with Lake Pleasant Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway not to sign the MOU.
Councilperson Cristine Meixner emailed Clerk Deborah O’Rourke after the September 4 meeting to see if the Town has a Snow and Ice policy. O’Rourke replied no, that Superintendent Lavarnway follows what the County does, and the town will get a copy of the County’s.
There was short discussion on the amount of salt that the town uses on the roads. Meixner suggested maybe the town should adopt the County’s policy as that is what we follow.
Superintendent Lavarnway was absent so Town Clerk Deborah O’Rourke read his report: The crew has started a new bypass trail in Perkins Clearing and the crew will start paving this week on Wednesday. Highway employee Trevor Blanchard is out on worker’s compensation after falling into a hole at the Primary Care Center where the crew was working on the water lines.
Meixner is still working on the new procurement policy. She has sent out a revised second draft after the Sept. 4 meeting. A third draft was emailed to be reviewed with proposed changes shown in orange. The policy remains tabled by the Board.
Peter Newell sent an email to Town Clerk O’Rourke saying he was hoping to get an updated new computer quote to the board before the meeting but was unable because his Nexline sales rep is no longer available, so he must re-establish a new communication.
Budget Officer Mark Crary has handed out to the Department Heads their budget preparation reports and asked to have them back to him by Sept. 25. Crary handed out a proposed 2020 Budget Process, but changes were made so he will email the changes to the board.
Supervisor Wilt asked the board if they want to hire a Surveyor to prove where the mean high-water mark is located at 175 Golf Course Road. Councilperson Robert Peck wants costs before it is considered. Supervisor Wilt will investigate Surveyor’s and costs.
Supervisor Wilt was authorized by the board to sign a one-year contract with BST to perform an audit of 2019 fiscal year and to assist in the AUD.
Right of Way (ROW) owner Stephanie Smith asked Supervisor Wilt if he had contacted the town attorney about the town removing personnel property from the Town’s ROW 175 Golf Course Rd. Wilt said he had, and she recommended establishing the mean high-water mark before removing personnel property. Also asked by Stephanie was does the town’s attorney know that in some of the ROW owner’s deeds some read for recreational use only rather than just for bathing use. Wilt said it had been discussed earlier.
Meixner asked Stephanie if the Association that is being formed by ROW owners on 175 Golf Course Road has been officially formed. Tim Smith stated that their attorney is preparing the paperwork.
Supervisor Wilt sent a letter to NYS Senator Tedisco regarding the problems that people are having with Frontier Communications Tedisco sent up a meeting with Frontier, but it was postponed. Supervisor Wilt sent an email to Hamilton County Cable Company but has not heard back the contract that the Town has with them expires Oct. 31 further discussion.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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