Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Arietta receives storm damage money from FEMA

 Arietta TB August 3 2020

Arietta receives storm damage money from FEMA


PISECO—At the August 3 meeting of the Arietta Town Board, Highway Superintendent Craig Small reported that the Town has received 75% of the money spent to fix damage from the Halloween storm from FEMA or just over $68,000. He worked with Soil and Water on the Powley road and studied four different culverts and they made suggestions of the size of culverts they feel should be. The biggest culvert currently in the roadway is 36” and the recommendation from Soil and Water is to replace it with one that is 8’ 6”. It is a culvert that is 8’ wide and 24” high which will give the same water flow as a round culvert. The cost of that will be around $15,000 to 17,000. He said there is an engineer currently doing bore samples and surveying for the replacement of the culvert. If it is determined that a bridge is needed the Town would have to pay for the installation and then the County will take over maintaining it from then on.


The following resolution was approved by all.

WHEREAS: the Town Board, Town of Arietta has applied in the past for grant funding for the grooming and maintenance of the Arietta Snowmobile Trails with NY Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, and

WHEREAS: the Town Board, Town of Arietta has decided to reapply for the 2020/2021 snowmobile season and continue to contract out four (4) different sections of trail and hire employees to maintain the remaining sections of trail, and

WHEREAS: these annual contracts are a necessary part of the Town’s application requesting grant money from NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historical Preservation for trail clearing, maintenance, and grooming, and

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED: the Town Board authorizes to issue the contract agreements for the 2020/2021 grooming season to the two snowmobile clubs and the Town of Inlet for four (4) trail sections and give the Town Supervisor permission to sign the necessary documents to apply for grant funding and execute the contracts.


Doug Stobo and Mel LaScola recommended putting cement siding on the SRE building at the airport to curb the deteriorating from the weather that is happening to the wood siding currently on the building.

Supervisor Rick Wilt said he can have some of the part time employees work on it, but it will not be until next spring.

Sarah Rudes asked if the playground was still closed at the airport after a child got stuck in one of the swings.

Wilt said it was and he talked to the insurance company NYMIR and they will have someone come up and inspect the equipment. Stobo also said that there it repairs needed on the ceiling at the Community Hall.


Wilt reported the grant at the airport for the lighting is on hold as they are waiting to get the contract back from the FAA. The contractor has not ordered anything yet because he has not received the release. The work is supposed to start August 8, 2020, so it looks like it might not be done until next year.


Wilt reported the lake level is at the lowest it has ever been on any records he has. It is at 13.5” and he only found one other entry, but he said it might even be a little lower that that today like 13.75”. The engineer finished the design for the fence and buoy system, and it has been sent to all the regulatory agencies to see if any permits are needed.


The board approved by resolution to allow the Highway Superintendent to go out to bid for two new pickup trucks.

Supervisor Wilt reported he talked to someone at Ray Brook about the issues at the Poplar Point Campsite and found the people supervising that campsite have retired and there is not anyone currently overseeing it. He told them about the liability and suggested putting up signs with rules at the least.


Supervisor Wilt reported he talked to the Town attorney today about the septic law wording changes. He does not have a direct answer to the specific wording. He has other attorney’s he can contact, and he will let Wilt know what good wording would be for who should do the inspections. Wilt will wait until what the attorney comes up with for wording.

Wilt reported he sent paperwork to the Town attorney regarding Mr. Parslow’s request to have his wife put on the Town’s health insurance.

Sarah Rudes reported the Piseco Lake association has agreed to donate $1,000 to the Town for the fireworks display.

Next regular meeting will be September 8 at 5:00 pm.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Kenneth Parslow, Town Clerk

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