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Inlet struggles with governor executive orders

Inlet TB July 14 2020

Inlet struggles with governor executive orders
INLET—When the Inlet Town Board met on July 14, there was much discussion about Inlet obeying Cuomo rules concerning the China Virus (COVID 19).
Supervisor John Frey was asked by the County Health office to make the statement that the governor will request fines be imposed for anyone not in compliance with the mask and social distancing requirements. Sneeze shields are not adequate as the only form of protection. Masks must be worn. He added that we all need to comply so that the reopening does not go backwards. Councilman Levi asked if we are compliant in our seating in the Meeting room. Frey reported that we are meeting guidelines.
Gary Zawatski asked if we were putting more benches out. He has requested the bench be put back in front of his place. Supervisor Frey said it should not be a problem if it follows social distancing guidelines. Discussion regarding the need for more benches, even if placed distant from each other followed. Peggy Brownell mentioned that there are three benches together at Cedar Creek.
The beach stewards will help with enforcing social distancing and masks at the event. Vendors are always also required to wear face masks. If you are not eating or sitting, you must be wearing a face mask. We have received comments and letters that people feel safe here. Only seven cases at the time, still the safest place in NYS. Gary thanked Adele for bringing over sanitizer to him.
Chris Biehn stated that they had a Limekiln Association meeting and they discussed the issue with several people getting stuck down at the end of the road trying to turn around. They are asking if the Town can do anything to help or have any advice to help the issue.
Supervisor Frey recommended that the County Highway Superintendent, Inlet Highway Superintendent, and the Association meet to try to find a solution. Discussion on ideas and restrictions followed.
CAP 21
The COVID Relief Fund is over $200,000 and have given out over $48,000 to people in need.
Supervisor Frey reported that we are lucky enough to have enough lifeguards this year. The extra employees we have are beach monitors. Frey reported that we had to remove the floating raft. The lifeguards have faced issues with adults not following rules. An incident just happened where Mitch had to ask people to leave the beach. Supervisor Frey thanked the lifeguards for their help on the buoys. Circles painted down in the park are really helping.
Peggy Brownell wants a status update on the Townsend Trail. Supervisor Frey explained that we were just awarded a $125,000 grant to finish and the work cannot be started for the next phase until the paperwork is final. Frey mentioned that it was really a good thing we had not started because they would not give reimbursement for work already done and apologized to Peg for promising work to be done any sooner. Peg wanted to know that now without money being an issue, would they add blacktop to the project. It was answered that it would be the plan. The contract for the grant sat on someone’s desk because of numerous issues. Peg asked if we still have money in the budget for the project. Frey explained that we do, however, would rather not use it if we can utilize the grant. Peg Brownell asked if the grant
will be enough to finish. Supervisor Frey stated that it should and if not, Inlet would be responsible for additional costs.
Gary Zawatski asked if sewer bills would be coming out soon. Supervisor Frey stated that they would be and that there will be no increase this year. Gary asked if there are any more ideas and discussion about giving seasonal reductions. Supervisor Frey added that he cannot see most of the costs/burden be put on only year-round businesses/locations.
Supervisor Frey stated that the Public Hearing currently open since the March 10 meeting is to research and hear discussion regarding selling a small portion of land to the Townsend family that currently separates two of the parcel’s owned by the Estate of John Townsend. The Town and surveyor, John Deming, are still researching what options there are to either swap or abandon that property. Deming will finish the surveying tomorrow and he must make sure no property owner, including the town, lose rights. The Town must be careful with abandonment because heirs to property must be involved. The public hearing will remain open until a possible solution is found.
Corasanti had to move where his tower was originally meant to be, and the only place is the top of the hill. The MOU and lease still must be fully reviewed with Mr. Funk to proceed with that location. Corasanti tower will have T-Mobile and possibly ATT. It will also have Herkimer County Emergency Services.
Funk hill will have ATT and Hamilton County Emergency Services. Verizon is working separately to go behind the church. There is a ZBA meeting July 23 with the proposal. There seems to be some concerned residents about 5G and dangers to health from 5G. There have been some requests to not allow 5G due to safety issues. There is no research proving that 5G poses any health risk. CAP 21 should possibly communicate to donors again that ALL money is still in the account to be used on the towers. Mitch Lee is working on some news releases.
Retirement Program – Quote has not come back for retirement. Still working on staffing issues. One trainee slated to come in August. New vehicle will come in two weeks.
Councilman Schmid pointed out that we are at 100% valuation. Supervisor Frey said Aimee VanWie is doing an excellent job with this.
Superintendent Hansen’s report provided as follows: Hauled garbage and recyclables; Brush pick up was a success; Striped town hall parking lot and parking lot between the two churches; Patrolled roads in Plains; Paved Loomis Rd and backed up shoulders. Thank you to The Town of Long Lake and Hamilton County for sending trucks to haul the blacktop.
Chip sealed Uncas Rd. Thank you to the Town of Long Lake for sending us a truck.
Spread gravel on Uncas Rd; Helped county with their paving projects; Hauled gravel for the new storage facility and got things up to grade. Still have more to go, letting things settle a bit; Sealed the Tobie Trail; Rebuilt mower deck on John Deere tractor; Brake job on 205 and installed a starter; Painted some of our snow removal equipment; Mowed roadsides and weed wacked.
Superintendent Hansen offered the following monthly report: Open 7 days a week from 8 AM to 7 PM. Closed from 12 to 1 daily for lunch; Sent a load of bailed cardboard not too long ago. Things are going well. Place is clean. Sorting is being kept up with. Staff is working together great.
Reported revenues for the month of June. Cottage revenue may be down for this summer due to many cancellations.
There have been questions from residents as to how the 6th and 7th Lake Association can hold fireworks. Supervisor Frey explained that it is a private event for residents of the lakes and there is no issue with social distancing. No location for people to congregate to watch them and they are not advertised to the public.
Supervisor Frey expressed that we would need to help fund the health center in Old Forge to keep it open with Dr. Socash. MVHS is looking for a total of $150,000 with all surrounding towns helping, Inlet’s portion would be $25,000. We have helped fund the Health Center in the past when it was owned by Town of Webb. Some residents and board members expressed some concerns as to legal agreements to continue to offer services, etc. Discussion followed.
Councilman Levi made a MOTION to support MVHS in the Old Forge location contingent upon an agreement being reached with Town of Webb, MVHS and all towns that help with funding. Councilman Brownsell SECONDED. Town Clerk took a roll call vote and the motion Carried unanimously.
Supervisor Frey brought up the grant again for the Townsend Trail. Thanked Mr. Tedisco and the DOT for finding the paperwork and awarding the grant., he will need to sign the grant paperwork to get things moving. Councilman Schmid made a MOTION to sign contract DO40179 for the Townsend Trail grant, Councilman Levi SECONDED, and the Motion was approved.
Gary Zawatski asked why the well is being drilled at school if it is closed. Wondered who was paying. Supervisor Frey stated that it is being paid by the school district and that the building is being used for community use. There is already a community garden being “built” on the property. DOH requested a new well because any use of the building will require safe water. Supervisor Frey added that the Community garden has already drawn a huge interest. It will be down by the water (bottom of hill) and possibly the playground area. The location of the new well was decided based upon the location of nearby septic tanks/field.
The community garden is part of the Climate Smart initiative and is going very well. Over $2,000 in donations so far.
Chris Biehn spoke about a proposal of placing rocks around the culvert pipe. Only issue might be having a tough time finding same size rocks.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Yvonne Lutz, Town Clerk.

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