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Benson plans to repair North Road

 Benson TB Aug 18 2020

Benson plans to repair North Road


BENSON—When the Benson Town Board met on August 18, it passed several resolutions include the following resolute to Create and Fund the North Road Project for the Town of Benson for 2020.

WHEREAS, the Town of Benson Highway Superintendent George Blowers has determined that 2,264’ x 20’ of North Road in the Town of Benson requires repair, and

WHEREAS, the Highway Superintendent has received a Piggyback Bid from Gorman Brothers Inc., 200 Church Street, Albany NY 12202, dated May 22, 2020 for Hot Mix Paving, Type 6 @ 2” depth, and

WHEREAS the bid is broken down to include Aggregate Cost of $42,000.00 and Equipment Cost of $8,350.00 for a total estimated cost of $50,350.00, and

WHEREAS, the Highway Superintendent estimates that this 2020 Town Road Highway Project for North Road will be approximately $55,000.00, and

WHEREAS, the Form 284, Agreement for the Expenditure of Highway Moneys, in the amount of $55,000.00 has been signed by the Benson Town Board, the Supervisor, and Highway Superintendent, and

WHEREAS, the Town will use the 2020-2021 Permanent Improvement Chips, Pave NY, and EWR Budget Allocations for the Town of Benson toward these expenditures in the amount of $19,340.78 and

WHEREAS, the remaining $35,659.22 will be funded from the Highway Fund Balance, now therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that Account ZDB.5112.0204-North Road, Permanent Improvement, be created and funded by increasing it by $35,659.22 from Highway Fund balance, and transferring $19,340.78 from ZDB.5112.0201-Permanent Improvement, Chips to ZDB.5112.0204-North Road, Permanent Improvement, and the Supervisor/CFO is so authorized.


WHEREAS the original Town of Benson 2020 Budget line for Chips Revenue ZDB.3501 was set for $17,000, and

WHEREAS the original 2020 Budget line for Chips Permanent Improvements Expenditure ZDB.5112.201 was set for $0.00, and

WHEREAS the 2020-2021 NYSDOT CHIPS, PAVENY, and EWR allocations were originally set for $24,175.97 for the Town of Benson, and

WHEREAS, New York State has authorized an approximate 20% reduction in these allocations due to the excessive burden that Covid-19 has put on the State, thus leaving our adjusted estimated allocations for these programs at $19,340.78, and

WHEREAS, the Revenue line ZDB.3501 State Aid, Chips Consolidated Highway needs to be increased by $2,370.78 from fund balance, and the Expenditure line ZDB.5112.0201 Permanent Improvement-Chips needs to be increased by the estimate of $19,340.78 from Highway fund balance to allocate the 2020 Budget for these programs, now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Town Board of Benson approves $2,370.78 to be taken from Highway fund balance to increase ZDB.3501 Chips Consolidated Highway Revenue and $19,340.78 to be taken from Highway fund balance to increase ZDB.5112.201 Permanent Improvement-Chips, Expense, and the Supervisor/CFO is so authorized.


WHEREAS, Dog Control Officer Dom Cusano has resigned his appointed position, effective July 31,2020 and

WHEREAS the Town of Benson is required to appoint a new Dog Control Officer within 30 days, now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Town Board of Benson appoints Carol McQuade as the new Dog Control Officer. Carol is presently the Dog Control Officer for the Town of Hope and will continue in that position. Carol will assume her position with the Town of Benson as soon as her appointment paperwork is signed and submitted. She will be paid at the same rate as Dom was, and her appointment will be for the months of August through December 31, 2020. The position pays $1,000.00 annually, or $83.33 a month. Carol will be paid for 5 months, which computes to $416.67. The pay is issued quarterly.


The board authorized signing the following agreement with VanDuesen & Steves, Land Surveyors.

Van Dusen & Steves proposes to provide surveying services of former Van Slyke Road within the bounds of lands of Frank Fernandez, tax parcel 160.006-1-3.

This will include the following: Review of historic records associated with the road. Survey and map of the existing conditions and improvements. Survey report of the historic and current conditions. Coordination with Town personnel and attorneys. Any legal descriptions.

The estimated cost of the above will be $10,000 to $15,000. Work would begin within 10 days from authorization to proceed.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Matthew C. Steves, PLS


Tad Davis made a motion to enter a 1-year contract with Frontier Communications for phone service for the Town Hall,

Town Justice, and Town Barn.  The Town of Benson currently has 2 phone lines which cost a base price of $74.99 each, and one phone line which cost a base price of $49.99. Currently, the total price for all 3 lines equals $199.97/month plus applicable fees and taxes. Frontier Communications has agreed to reduce all 3 phone lines to a cost of $39.99 each if the Town of Benson agrees to a 1-year contract.  The new total base for 3 phone lines would equal $119.97/month plus fees and taxes, a savings of $80/month.  All services would remain the same.

The board approved signing the contract.


Dave Rogers requested that Hwy. Dept. repair stairs at the Town Hall’s Bilco Door.

Rogers will research documentation stating contractor’s requirements for insurance, etc.


John Stortecky and Rogers had a meeting with Attorney Heidi Gifford to discuss Fernandez vs. Benson lawsuit


Dave Pincombe stated cemetery plot costs for local cemeteries


No raises at the County level due to no revenue in 2021 budget

Before Sept. 20, 2020 dept. heads give contractual data to CFO

Oil bids to go out now; also, propane

This article is based upon minutes provided by Town Clerk Jeanne Cox

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