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Lake Pleasant employees get extra virus sick time

 LPTB Dec 7 2020

Lake Pleasant employees get extra virus sick time


LAKE PLEASANT—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on December 7, it passed the following resolution.


RESOLVED, that the Board agrees to pass a policy to pay a Town Employee starting in 2021 for COVID sick time of 14 days before the employee must start using their own sick time. This condition will be for COVID sick time or for being in quarantine due to COVID. The County Nursing Dept. will be the ones to tell an employee to stay home and the ones to let the employee know when they can come back to work. This policy also includes time covered for testing done by the Hamilton County Nursing Dept.

If any Town Employee does not follow quarantine guidelines disciplinary actions will be taken.


Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported that Groomer BR110, which grooms the Lewey Lake Trail, has been completely rewired by a couple of his Crew The water pump had to be replaced also before leaving the shop.

FEMA update: Supervisor Bain has signed off on all paperwork for reimbursement to the Town from last year’s Halloween storm. Still waiting on checks.

Two highway projects for next year are Tamarack Road and Gilmantown Road. Still waiting on Fish Mt. Rd. and Fawn Lake Rd. to complete road repairs. The Highway Crew helped DEC work on the snowmobile bridge on the Fall Stream Trail in Arietta this connects our trails to the Piseco trails.


The new flooring at the Primary Care is all set for installation. There were two contributions made in memory of Veronica O’Rourke by Maggie Rogers and Bill and Barbara Tracy to offset some of the costs.

Supervisor Bain has been in touch with NBT Bank about the future of replacing the drive- up window to a walk -up window. Further discussion in 2021.


The board approved the following resolution

RESOLVED, the agreement signed with the County Treasurer’s Office will provide certain accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services to the Town of Lake Pleasant.


Neil McGovern gave a report on his meeting with the new septic system committee, which includes both the Town and Village. The committee is looking to enforce more stricter guidelines for septic systems both old and new, especially near the lakes. Discussion on the Local Law #1 adopted by the County in 1976. The Law was never really enforced. Neil will get a copy to the Board members so they can review it before more discussion can be heard.

Neil McGovern and Debbie O’Rourke met with Bill Dievendorf of H2O about setting up some type of guidelines with the Reverse Osmosis system (R/O) owners as to what the Town is responsible for when it comes to maintaining the R/O systems. It was agreed upon that if there are problems with the R/O systems, the owner needs to call the town, not Bill Dievendorf.


The board approved the following resolution.

RESOLVED, that a suggestion by Bill Dievendorf for the Town to purchase a backup R/O was agreed upon. The cost will be approximately $2,500.


Town Clerk Deborah O’Rourke said she has placed the new building permit fees in the Hamilton County Express. She will email them to Nancy Seifts and Cristine Meixner to put on Facebook and the Town’s website.

Superintendent Lavarnway gave the board an update on the sanders he put up for sale on Auction International. He is going to keep the large one as the bid was for $830, way under what he thought it was worth. He is accepting the $460 for the smaller one.

Supervisor Bain has heard from Adirondack Landfill Service. They have completed the inspection on the old land fill and will be billing the Town.

Bain reminded everyone to please wear your masks and social distance. COVID testing is being done in our Town tomorrow.

The Chamber Contract is up for renewal for 2021. Bain will get a copy and bring it to the next board meeting.

PUBLIC Comment

Speculator Mayor Jeanette Barrett asked why there is still money available on the Acct. Clerk line now that the County is doing the Towns bookkeeping?

Supervisor Betsy Bain responded just in case we need to hire Nancy Seifts as a Consultant.

Barrett asked about what the subject be the reason for an Executive Session.

Bain said that if the board were going into Executive Session it would be for the proposed acquisition/sale/lease of real property when publicity might affect value.

Stephen Whiting asked if the executive session would be on the sale of land or the purchase of land?

Supervisor Bain said the board had not decided yet.


The board held an Executive Session. After coming out of the executive session, the board approved the following resolution.


WHEREAS, the Town of Lake Pleasant (“Town”) owns a 50-foot-wide parcel of property located between Golf Course Road and the shore of Sacandaga Lake, designated as 175 Golf Course Road, Tax Map No. 112.020-1-39.200 (“Property”), shown on the attached Tax Map, and described in the attached deed; and

WHEREAS the property is no longer needed for Town purposes; and

WHEREAS, when real property is no longer needed for Town purposes, the Town Board, upon adoption of the resolution subject to permissive referendum, may convey real property in accordance with New York Town Law Section 64(2); and

WHEREAS, under Town Law Section 64(2), when selling unneeded real property, the Town Board has a fiduciary duty to secure the best price obtainable or the most beneficial terms in die public interest.

The method of sale chosen is within the Town Board’s discretion, but such method should be one which the Board believes will yield the best price, or will otherwise provide the greatest benefit to the Town; and

WHEREAS, prior to the sale, the Town will have the value of the Property investigated by an appraiser or a licensed real estate broker, and may also work with such experts to identify potential buyers for the Property; and

WHEREAS the Town Board will determine whether to sell the Property through a public auction or by issuing a request for competitive bids. Once a proposed bid is obtained, the Town Board will determine whether the price obtained through the chosen method of sale is the best price obtainable for the Property and will consider resolution to approve the sale. At that time, the Town Board will authorize the Town Supervisor and the Town Attorney to cause to be executed all documents necessary to effectuate the transaction.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board has determined that the Property is no longer need for Town purposes; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Town Board has determined that, for purposes of selling the Property, it will proceed with the following method of sale: by auction or competitive bid; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution is subject to a permissive referendum in the manner provided in Town Law Section 64 (2) and Section 90; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, after passing such resolution and within 10 days of its adoption, the Town Clerk shall post and publish a notice, in the same manner as provided for a notice of a special election, which shall set froth the date of the adoption of the resolution and contain an abstract of such resolution concisely stating the purpose and effect thereof. The notice shall specify such resolution was adopted subject to permissive referendum in accordance with Town Law Section 90. This resolution shall take effect 30 days after its adoption unless the Town Clerk receives a petition signed and acknowledged within 30 days after the adoption of the resolution seeking a permissive referendum: and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that, once the 30-day period for permissive referendum expires, and in the event no referendum is sought, the Town Board designates Supervisor Betsy Bain to take the necessary steps to effectuate the sale, such as setting up the public auction or preparing a request for competitive bids; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Town Board will review and approve the proposed purchase price at a future meeting, in a subsequent resolution, prior to consummation of the sale, to ensure that its duties under NY Town Law Section 64(2) will be met.

Next meeting December 21, 2020

This article is based upon the minutes of Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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