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Inlet’s Green New Deal

Inlet TB July 9 2019

Inlet’s Green New Deal
By Pete Klein
The Inlet Town Board unanimously supported the Green New Deal when it met on July 9 and passed the following resolution.
WHEREAS, the Town of Inlet believes that all communities can help reduce climate threats on both the local and global environments; and
WHEREAS, the effects of climate threats could endanger our infrastructure, economy and livelihoods; harm our farms, orchards, and ecological communities, including native fish and wildlife populations; spread invasive species and exotic diseases; reduce drinking water supplies and recreational opportunities; and pose health threats to our citizens; and
WHEREAS, we believe that our response to climate threats provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to save money, and to build livable, energy-independent and secure communities, vibrant innovation economies, healthy and safe schools, and resilient infrastructures; and
WHEREAS, we believe the scale of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions required for climate stabilization will require sustained and substantial efforts; and
WHEREAS, we believe that even if emissions were dramatically reduced today, communities may be required to adapt to the effects of climate threats for decades to come,
IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that Town of Inlet, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate, adopts the New York State Climate Smart Communities pledge, which comprises the following ten elements: Build a climate-smart community; Inventory emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action; Decrease energy use; Shift to clean, renewable energy; Use climate-smart materials management; Implement climate-smart land use; Enhance community resilience to climate change; Support a green innovation economy; Inform and inspire the public; Engage in an evolving process of climate action.
Highway Superintendent Shawn Hansen reported on the numerous projects being done with the Highway Department throughout the town. Some of which are hauling material for new building, hauling black top for County, working on Moose River Plains road, started mowing sides of road, and grade Uncas Roads.
Hansen thanked Peckham for use of roller. Hansen also stated that they will be chip sealing the section of 7th Lake Road, however, delays won’t be long.
Department helped plant 11 trees at Fern Park and new tree at Town Hall, worked on road in Moose River Plains, worked with new employee, worked on base for new equipment storage building and culverts on Uncas Road.
Hansen thanked Town of Webb for use of bang stage.
Hansen reported the Transfer station is open 7 days /week 9-6.  He reported that he advertised for the seasonal, full-time employee and did not find anyone.
Hansen would like to hire Cory Hansen. He cannot operate machinery and work alone, but the Board had no issues with hiring him. 
Hansen received two bids on the new bin he would like to purchase. Low bid was $6,275 with delivery included.
The board approved purchasing the bin with Bucks.
AT&T signed contract for service, however, still need to get the height needed for tower from the APA. C&S is now working on mapping that we will need for the APA permit.
Supervisor Frey reported that the DEC wants more information on the docking 6th lake dock accessibility for physically challenged people that we are looking to do still. There was discussion on possible designs of this access assistance. We need to submit possible design ideas to the DEC.
Planning Board has stamped Dave Corasanti maps. The Master Plan is near ready for public hearing.
Adele Burnett has volunteered to sit on the Youth Commission.
The board approved.
Supervisor Frey commended Peckham on a good job. They were only two days overdue on the date they said they would be out of the center of town.
Frey wanted to stress that when you are in the parks of our Town or on trails, you might encounter uneven terrain. It is important to stay alert and watch where you are walking, sitting.
Barb Murdock asked if trailers are permitted to park at all on 6th Lake Road and if any parking is allowed along the entire length of the road. It was clarified that there should be no trailer parking at all on the road, that trailers should be brought to Fern Park, however, the signs do not indicate that no parking is permitted.
Barb asked if we can get more signage and if police can enforce. Barb also inquired as to when the sand on the beach will get spread out.
Supervisor Frey stated he will get the UTV personally and put the rakes on it to spread the sand. The lifeguards can help spread and rake sand when there are no swimmers in the water.
Peggy Brownell asked if the audits were done for all years and if we were up to date.
Frey explained that the delays were due to Mary having to wait on the State to clarify and approve prior audits before moving on.
Peggy asked when we are looking to finish the Townsend Trail and if we were still on schedule for this Fall.
Shawn Hansen explained he is still waiting to find out the DOT’s plans for culvert extensions before proceeding, but still plans on continuing work this Fall.
Gary Zawatski asked the reason for the increase in this year’s sewer bill.
Frey explained that the costs to run the plant, including hauling has increased.
Peggy Brownell asked if there could be more police presence in the passing zone after Drake’s on Route 28 toward her house. Some ideas of placing unmanned cars was discussed, however, that poses additional problems.
Peggy asked if the car show could be moved in the future to Fern Park because of the problem with parking and congestion in the Town.
Connie Perry mentioned how difficult it is to pull out of The Woods Inn parking lot with the way the road is cross hatched now for parking and limited parking. There was a lengthy discussion on the crosshatched areas and pedestrian cross walks and what could be done to alleviate some of the parking and line of sight problems.
Councilman Tim Brownsell made a Motion, Seconded by Councilman Herb Schmid to cut some of the crosshatches back in town. All approved and the motion passed.
Shawn Hansen will discuss this with DOT and Peckham road crew.
Highway Superintendent Shawn Hansen asked Peggy Brownell where she would like to see the “curb your dog” signs on the Townsend Trail.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Yvonne Lutz, Town Clerk.

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