Friday, February 28, 2020

Benson considers reassessment

Benson TB Feb 18 2020

Benson considers reassessment
BENSON—When the Benson Town Board met on February 18,
Barry Baker of the Hamilton County Real Estate Property Tax Dept and James Abbott, Benson Assessor, explained in detail the possible assessment rate change put forth by the State of NY for the Town of Benson.
If Benson, Wells, and Hope do not do a reassessment at 100%, the rate could go as low as 75% which will mean an increase in taxes. The State Equalization Rate affects the school tax as well as Benson’s monies to the County of Hamilton for a portion of the property tax assessment budget.
The firm that would do the reassessment is CAMA Statistical Analysis, for a projected Total cost of $48,000.
This would be shared between the three towns as follows:
Projected - 2020 Costs Apportioned
Benson - 25.00% - $12,000
Hope - 25.00% - $12,000
Wells - 50.00% - $24,000
Less Total State Aide
$2 per Parcel - Aide
Benson – 606 - $1,212
Hope – 618 - $1,236
Wells - 1,471 - $2,942
Total State Aide - $5,390
The change of the equalization rate to 100% must be agreed upon by Benson, Hope and Wells in order to be adopted. There will be public hearings prior to any action being taken.
Dave Pincombe made a motion for Charles Biche to contact Allen & Palmer to service the town hall furnace; 2nd J. Stortecky
All approved

This article is based upon minutes provided by Jeanne Cox.

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