Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Text version of Intercounty Legislative Committee of the Adirondacks Jan 23 2020

Intercounty Legislative Committee of the Adirondacks Jan 23 2020

Intercounty seeks a chairman
HERKIMER, NY—Hamilton County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Farber and Lake Pleasant Supervisor Betsy Bain attended the January 23 meeting of the Intercounty Legislative Committee of the Adirondacks.
The first order of business was Nomination of Chairperson for 2020.
The rotation of the Chair was scheduled to go to Essex County who declined, and St. Lawrence County agreed to Chair for 2020 but received notice yesterday that they have declined due to a new obligation that will conflict with this committee’s meeting schedule. Under the circumstances, Chairman Campbell stated a decision on Chairperson for 2020 is postponed for thirty days. Hamilton County is next on the rotations and needs time to check with staff on this commitment. Due to the short notice of the declination in chairmanship more time is needed to explore who will assume the Chairmanship for 2020.
Vincent J. Bono, Herkimer County Legislature, welcomed the group to Herkimer County. Briefly updated the committee on the Tractor Supply Facility that they previously toured. It has created six hundred new jobs with one hundred of those being seasonal. They are doing a great job. The Business Park is filled, and Herkimer County has purchased another one hundred eighty-eight acres. He stated a lot of good things are happening in the area.
Jim Wallace, Herkimer County Administrator, stated they passed a $103M budget which was cut back 6%, a promise made because of the jail being built and eliminating the boarding out costs. Their budget is very solid. The worry is Medicaid and what is going to happen.
Mr. Bono thanked everyone for coming today.
The group met and toured the new Jail under construction.
Mr. Bono, Herkimer County, stated Remington Arms is located in Herkimer County and he received a call from a local mayor about a private group that wanted to establish a Gun Sanctuary County (Second Amendment), and asked if other counties had addressed this topic. Other counties have not been approached on this topic.
Mr. Raymond Smith, Herkimer County, urged everyone to write a letter to the Governor to put some pressure on FEMA to get them to change their minds and provide funding for the homes destroyed in the Halloween storm/flooding in Herkimer County. These people are desperate. At issue is possibly that some of these were seasonal residences. Mr. Farber stated Legislators are trying to determine the reason for the denial and once that is known can better formulate a letter. Mr. Smith stated the amount of damage far exceeds FEMA’s determination.
Intercounty Legislative Committee Of The Adirondacks will next meet on Thursday, February 27, and be hosted by Hamilton County at Melody Lodge in Speculator.

This story is based upon minutes provided by Debra Prehoda, Clerk of the Board, Washington County

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