Thursday, February 13, 2020

ILCS BOE February 11, 2020

ILCS budget just over cap
INDIAN LAKE—The Indian Lake Central School Board of Education met on February 11 and was hopeful the 2020/2021 school budget would come in under the cap because the draft budget presented to them at the meeting was currently showing a Maximum Allowable Tax Levy of $5,208,458; a DRAFT Estimated levy of $5,227,319 to equal a Total OVER the Levy Max of just $18,861.
Superintendent Dave Snide reported the Building Project is on track. He said Mosaic is to send plans to State Ed. By the end of May. It will take approximately 12 weeks for State Ed. to review the plans. He said they are still planning to go to bid in the fall.
Upcoming Events include the February Break (2/17-2/21), March-PARP, March Reading Challenge, DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) March 24, Beginning of Grades 3-8 English Language Arts Computer Based Assessment
Snide reported the following on athletics: Modified and varsity basketball is coming to an end. Elementary basketball is going strong.
Snide said, “We have coaches for varsity softball and modified baseball. At the time of this report, we still do not have a coach for modified softball.”
The board approved the resolution of co-op purchasing program.
The board approved the claims audit for Januaryl-31, 2020.
The board approved the Tax Cap of $5,208,458. Last year it was $5,085,177.
The board approved Joann Van Norstrand as substitute teacher pending fingerprints.
The board approved establishing the fund ERS reserve of $100,000 from fund balance.
The board approved Ray Hoag as Modified Boys Baseball coach.
The board approved Allison Conboy as Varsity Girls’ Softball co-coach.

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