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Lake Pleasant plans for new code software and enforcement fees

 LPTB August 17 2020

Lake Pleasant plans for new code software and enforcement fees


LAKE PLEASANT—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on August 17, the board discussed the Williamson Software with Bob Benkovich/Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer.

Cristine Meixner would like to see the price of permits go up, maybe this could help with the expense of the new program.

Supervisor Betsy Bain said there is money left on training lines that could also help with this expense.

Benkovich gave Supervisor Bain the list of permit fees from Long Lake and Indian Lake, which are more than the Town’s fees. Bob feels we should be charging a penalty for those who build without a permit and stop order fees. Williamson Law told Bob that they could have the software ready by January 1. The public would need to be notified on the new fees especially the stop order fees and the fees for no permit.

Neil McGovern will be working with Bob on these new fees. Supervisor Bain said when Bob retires the new Code Enforcement Officer will be able to step right in using this program.

Resolution #83 the board approved to purchase the Williamson Law Building and Codes Enforcement software.

Offered by Neil McGovern 2nd by Don Braunius

RESOLVED, that the Williamson Law Building and Codes Enforcement Software has been approved.

ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Bain, Councilperson: Nancy Seifts, Neil McGovern, Don Braunius, Cristine Meixner. Nays: None.


Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported that the cameras are all set at the Library and the ones at the Primary Care are on back order. The chip sealing is completed on Page St. Lavarnway gave the ok for an Engineer to do a survey and test on Fish Mt. Road/Park Stream to figure out if a culvert can be used or a bridge, and what the cost would be. Paving has started on Hamilton Lake Road, thanks to all the shared services from the County, Arietta, Speculator and Wells. Malcolm Cooke’s last day is Thursday. If you see him, please thank him for his years of service.


Nancy Seifts reported on the audit being done at the Town Hall by BST. There are 3 auditors working on it. Hopefully, they will be done in the office this week, but probably more questions sent by email. Nancy reported that she got a quote from John Foley to clean up the flower gardens in the front of the Town Hall. Stage 1 would be $380 for weeding the flower beds, especially by the rock wall.

Step 2 in the Spring move around existing flowers add more plants mulch all flower beds and keep watered for seven days $1,281.

Resolution #82 the town board approved stage 1 from John Foley’s quote to refresh the town’s flower bed above the rock wall and weed.

Offered by Nancy Seifts 2nd by Don Braunius

Cristine Meixner reported on the Emergency Operations Plan/Tornado Shelter. The Board of Deacons at the North Country Church said no to using the Church for a Tornado Shelter. There are no bathrooms in the basement and there is no available space. Back to using the School for the shelter. Further discussion on maybe having one person from each trailer park meet with the Board. When the alarm does go off, maybe the Sheriff’s office would notify this person. Maybe each park would have their own siren. There will also have to be a person to notify the School to unlock.

Bids for the Nathan Littauer floors have been tabled. No bids have come in yet. H2O will be testing the salt contaminated wells on August 25.


A complaint filed with the Supervisor about their deeded right-of-way on 175 Golf Course Road has been put on the record. The complaint was that there were too many people using the ROW. Social distancing is not taking place. Highway Superintendent Lavarnway contacted the Sheriff’s Office and they have agreed to patrol the ROW.

Supervisor Bain has filed the 2021 Consolidated health budget with the State and County after her meeting with the Health committee. The budget did not go over the tax cap for this year even though $48,000 was budgeted for the fly car. Camp of the Woods will not be able to contribute next year because of the decline in attendees because of COVID. They did pay the last quarter for the fly car for this year.

Next meeting is September 8 at 5 p.m. at the Lake Pleasant Library.

Cristine Meixner asked if Verizon has gotten the small towers up and running Supervisor Bain said no, they are still waiting on the APA.


Resolution #85 to approve putting the flags back up to full staff

OFFERED BY Don Braunius 2nd by Neil McGovern

RESOLVED, that all Town flags be put back up to full staff as they have been at half-staff because of those that died because of COVID.

ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Bain, Councilperson: Nancy Seifts, Neil McGovern, Cristine Meixner, Don Braunius.

Supervisor Bain said there will be COVID testing at the tennis courts at the County Complex on September 22. She also encouraged everyone to complete their census. There has been a complaint made by the Nurse Practitioner at the Primary Care, that the walls in the examining rooms are not 100 % soundproof. Further discussion. New pickle board nets have been purchased by Consolidated Health.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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