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Vandalism at Indian Lake beach

 ILTB September 14 2020

Vandalism at Indian Lake beach


INDIAN LAKE—When the Indian Lake Town Board met on September 14, Councilwoman Sally Stanton questioned Bill Laprairie, Department Head of Buildings and Grounds, concerning the vandalism that has been happening all summer at the Chain Lakes beach.

Laprairie said he, the State Police and the Sheriff's Department have been patrolling, however it happens extremely late at night and they have not been able to catch the perpetrators. He did state that since the beach has closed there have been no further incidents.

Councilman Rathbun thanked all the departments for their work on Trash Day. He stated this is a good service to the Town and appreciates the crews doing such a good job.


Supervisor Brian Wells asked the Boards preference on holding the Budget Workshops in person. He stated his preference would be to hold them in person but with scheduled appointments for each person, therefore limiting the amount of people in the room. He stated he is working on that schedule. He also stated that the individual participants could either come in in person or give a written request.

Department Heads will have a set time to present their budget. The Board agreed with this. Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that the Sewer/water truck has been ordered.


Supervisor Wells reported that only one (1) bid was received for the Cleaning Contract. The bid was from John C. Hall in the amount of $90,000. Councilwoman Stanton made a motion to accept the bid from John C. Hall in the amount of $90,000. Seconded by, Councilman Rathbun. After holding a discussion, the board approved signing the contract with Hall.


Supervisor Brian Wells reported to the Board that the Garbage/Recyclable Bid request is in the paper. These bids need to be in by October 9.

Supervisor Wells told all that the Board had received a thank you letter from Ellen Collins, thanking the Board for their donation to the Invasive Species program.

Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that himself and Deputy Supervisor Meade Hutchins had meet with the Chazen Company regarding the Adirondack Dam. He stated that the questionable specs were agreed upon and he is hoping to go out to bid on the project in the Spring. He stated that there are some things the Board will need to discuss during the Budget Workshops.

Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that he had the new TRP for the Weed District. He also stated that we had the barge that has been in storage for some time.

Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that he has a meeting on September 16 with Cedarwood and Hydro Source concerning the Blue Mt. Lake project. He told all that Adirondack Experience has offered a different piece of property if this one does not work out. He stated this new source is on the right side of the road and one that he and Kevin had looked at previously, but Adirondack Experience had not offered that piece until now.

Supervisor Wells told all that 22,760 lbs. of trash were picked up on trash day.

Supervisor Wells reported that no Bids were received for the emergency generator or the bog relocation. He stated that we will have to try something else. He said we may need to write up a proposal and put it out to bid.

Supervisor Wells reported that The 5 Towns (consisting of, Indian Lake, Newcomb, Minerva, North Hudson and Long Lake) which also makes up the Upper Hudson Recreation Club, passed a Resolution of support to DEC for making changes in to the Essex Chain Unit Management Complex, now allowing for camp fires along the shore and adding additional parking to increase the equestrian opportunities in hopes to increase tourism.

Supervisor Wells stated that the rafting numbers are down around 50% due to the pandemic, however Supervisor Wells feels like it has been busy this year. Councilman Mahoney stated that there have been a lot of people around looking for things to do. Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that he and the rafting association have modified the rafting contract, and this will be finalized by the next season.


Andy Coney reported to the Board there has been an invasive species found on Marion River. He stated that Divers have been working on this and to eliminate it and it would take about five (5) days to complete.


Councilman Rathbun questioned how we were doing with our Grants. Supervisor Wells stated that we were doing okay. He told all that we had been moving ahead and were under contract for some of them already, so hopefully they will still go through. Supervisor Wells also stated that the Website Grant was done, and we are now just waiting for the money.

Supervisor Wells also reported to the Board that the newly hired Account Clerk, Suzanne Walrath, has begun her training with Pam Howard, Senior Account Clerk, and as soon as she gets acclimated he will be working with her to review all the Grants.

Councilman Mahoney, who has been working with Trampoline on the Town's new website, stated that all was going well. He is hoping to have something to present to the Board by the next meeting.

Councilwoman Stanton reported to that the Comprehensive Committee are working diligently on the Commons Area.

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