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Assemblyman Robert Smullen visits Arietta Town Board

Arietta TB August 5 2019

Assemblyman Robert Smullen visits Arietta Town Board
By Pete Klein
ARIETTA—Arietta Supervisor Richard Wilt introduced NYS Assemblyman Robert Smullen the Assemblyman for the 118 district at the August 5 meeting of the Town Board.
Smullen told the board that he is trying to go to all the communities in his district to try to make sure he is dealing with the issues the people have. He has 51 Town’s, Cities & Villages he has in the 118th district. He said if the Town has any issues, they need him to investigate to let him know.
Supervisor Wilt said he will forward information about the pressure washer purchased under a DEC grant to use at the boat wash station to Assemblyman Smullen to see if it can remain in the Town of Arietta instead of being given back to the State.
The board reappointed Robert Thomson to the Arietta Planning Board for a term of 5 years that ends February 28, 2024.
The board reappointed Douglas Stobo to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a term of 5 years that ends December 31, 2023.
The board reappointed William Hotaling as the Arietta Sole Assessor for a term of six years. The next term for office will begin on October 1, 2019 and ends September 30, 2025.
The resolution states the assessor must participate in continuing education program by completing successfully an average of 12 continuing education credit every year and an approved Ethics component is required no more than one year prior to or one year after reappointment to office.
The Arietta Town Board received from SMSA Architectural Services proposals from five different companies for the subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering services for the Town of Arietta highway garage located on Route 8.
The five proposals received were reviewed by the SMSA Architectural Services structural engineer, and CME Associates, Inc. was recommended to award the project at the estimated fee of $10,993.50 for Soil boring; AECC Environmental Consulting was recommended to award the project at the fee of $2,500 for Environmental Assessment.
The board approved Supervisor Wilt to execute the agreements on behalf of the Town of Arietta asper the recommendations made by SMSA Architectural Services.
Michael Knapp reported they need to GPS the snowmobile trails and was told by the snowmobile club it needed to be done by the end of next month. He and Supervisor Wilt agreed it doesn’t need to be done until next year.
Sarah Rudes reported there have been a couple of people who are having trouble walking on the loose stone at the upper end of the airport path past the pavement and have asked if something could be done about.
Supervisor Wilt said it wasn’t meant for walking on. It is an access road and the material are DEC approved stone for drainage. He will look at it with Highway Superintendent Craig Small to see if anything can be done to help.
Rudes also told the board that Shelia Crouse has been approached about putting a gazebo in the vicinity of the Schlansker garden for walkers to get out of the sun. The board thought it would be a good idea.
Knapp reminded that anyone cutting with a chainsaw will need to take a certification course CPR. Small said that Robert Kruggle is taking courses to be able to certify for CPR and he said he would be willing to give the certification. They will also have to have first aid also.
Supervisor Wilt reported the snowmobiles sold on auction for $2,725 each.
Christy Wilt reported there are three golfers in the lesson program. The website is up to date and the Chamber doesn’t have a meeting until second Tuesday in September.
Supervisor Wilt reported in September a representative from the FAA is coming to meet with the Board to explain the whole grant system and process. He isn’t sure what day it will be, but it won’t be a regular board meeting date.
Wilt said he sent data from the Piseco Lake Dam and he will have the engineers get the information put in understandable form. He will also have them so a display at the next Town board meeting. They still need the landowner’s permission and DEC permit to do the work on fence.
Sarah Rudes reported the boards in the dam went in once and haven’t had to be removed since.
Highway Superintendent Small reported they are supposed to start paving next week. He said he has received a TRP from DEC and it gives them permission to cut 173 trees along the Powley Road. He said his men are getting GPS location for all culverts on Town roads and they are also marking them.
Zoning Officer Mel LaScola reported he has been dealing with two bad septic issues and both are next to Piseco Lake. One has been fixed and the other one will be done before the end of the year.
Supervisor Wilt reported there is a branch blocking a spot where a vehicle could be parked at Popular Point campsite. Wilt said he was given a MOU to allow the Town to mow the day use area, but he won’t do it if DEC is going to manage the campsite area.
Jacqui Grier asked about renting the tables from the Community Hall. She has drawn up a fee schedule and rules to follow. She would like to move ahead with it.
The board passed a resolution to set up a temporary rental agreement and schedule to allow individuals to rent tables from the Piseco Community Hall as follows: Arietta Residents $50 refundable deposit, Non-residents $100 refundable deposit.
Renter who signs this agreement will be held responsible for the returned condition of the table(s). Renter shall keep tables covered and protected throughout the event, not to be left outside in rain or snow, returned free of stains, burns, cuts and scuffs. Should any table be returned in poor condition, renter will be responsible for the cost of replacement value of each table. Table rental is approved pending availability. The Piseco Women’s auxiliary has priority for their events (2 weeks prior to rummage sale, tables are unavailable) Craft fairs and Community hall rentals tables will be available for pick up the business day prior to event and returned the following business day. Must be returned with a TOA employee present, not to be placed on the porch of Community hall. Town of Arietta requires the # of tables being requested.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Kenneth Parslow, Town Clerk.

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