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Hope transfer station employees threatened and assaulted

Hope TB Sept 9 2019

Hope transfer station employees threatened and assaulted
By Pete Klein
HOPE—At the September 9 meeting of the Hope Town Board, Hope Supervisor Steven Tomlinson reported both transfer station employees were threatened on different dates, with one being physically assaulted with a board by two Town of Benson residents.
Supervisor Tomlinson was the witness and a victim of verbal abuse on one of the incidences. Hamilton County Sherriff’s Department was involved as well as Town of Benson Supervisor Stortecky being notified of the incident. It was agreed that these two individuals will not be allowed at the transfer station and should they arrive, the Sherriff is to be contacted and the town will press charges for assault and harassment. The residents were notified by the Sherriff’s Department of this decision.
Highway Superintendent Zachery Colson advised that he and his crew have been very busy for the last month cutting brush. He also stated that the road mileage has not been updated in 10 years. Superintendent Colson made the changes since we were losing CHIPS money every year.
Supervisor Tomlinson added that they have devising a plan for some changes to happen at the transfer station. The changes are to include roof repair to the employee building, tire storage and placement of rollover dumpsters. There will be more information to follow by next meeting per both Supervisor Tomlinson and Superintendent Colson.
Discussion and approval through resolution was adopted for the Town of Hope road projects for 2019. The project, #1-2019-Creek Road included full depth reclamation with Calcium Chloride Additive on Creek Road. The cost of the project was $41.097.20. The area covered was approximately a ½ mile.
On a motion by Councilperson William Witts, seconded by Councilperson John Stuart Jr., the resolution was approved by all.
Barry Baker from Hamilton County Real Property and Jim Abbott, Town of Hope Assessor were present and asked to speak to the board regarding equalization rates and the effect to the Town of Hope.
Abbott stated that the last revaluation of homes in Hope was done in 2007. Since then we have dropped below 90% assessment value. After much discussion, they asked the town board to consider, with the Town of Benson and the Town of Wells, getting on board with an Equalization Project. Barry will get more accurate numbers and cost sent to Supervisor Tomlinson so there is a clearer understanding of how the project works and the possible outcomes of such a project.
Supervisor Tomlinson handed out a report given to him by Code Enforcer Mike Stewart. It reads as follows: “I issued a permit for a garage replacement located at 785 B State Route 30, Jospeh Van Nostrand; I have been continuing to talk with the Reffitt’s at 323 Hope Falls Road and am still waiting to hear from their contractors regarding a ramp and bathroom modifications; I have been speaking with Nancy Racette and her brother regarding replacing a camp with a new modular house on Moan and Groan. The APA requires a variance for the way they are proposing to build it and they desire to avoid that delay. I have tried to advise them as best as I can on how to avoid it and proceed; The large RV has now been removed from the Lynch property.”
Supervisor Tomlinson presented the town board with a printed copy of the proposed changes to the firehouse to renovate it into a community center/municipal office building.
There was some Q & A, with John Stuart Jr. asking if this project needs a public vote.
Tomlinson stated it does not because it is considered a capital project.
After discussions, Tomlinson added that this is a benefit for the fire department, the town officials and the community. The board agrees and supports Supervisor Tomlinson’s desire to move forward with the next phase. Fire Chief Peter Robinson invited Supervisor Tomlinson and the town board to a Special Committee meeting being held at the firehouse on September 17 at 6:30 pm.
Supervisor Tomlinson presented the board with a contract that would occur between the Town of Hope and the Adirondack Park Local Review Board. There would also be a fee attached with the contract. All board members present reviewed the contract and after discussion amongst each other, they advised Supervisor Tomlinson that they are rejecting such contract and fee.
Supervisor Tomlinson will note this in the contract and return it.
Supervisor Tomlinson handed out a copy of the 2020 Tentative Budget and 2020 Wage Schedule. He noted a $5,000 increase to the fire protection budget. He asked that each board member spend some time reviewing the tentative budget and email or call him with any questions. The Preliminary Budget will be presented at the next meeting.
Jill Dunham, Town Clerk, stated everything is all set for the upcoming picnic. She also states she will be sending a flyer out within the next month or two about starting a town wide garden club. She would like to add a community garden with vegetables to that as well.
Councilperson John Stuart Jr. asked if cameras with recording ability be installed at the transfer station for safety. Supervisor Tomlinson will investigate different ones and Superintendent Colson will install some.
Mr. Donovan suggested also an alarm of some sort that could be used proactively in getting the transfer station employees maybe some time to get to a phone if this incident or worse were to occur again.
Donovan also presented a tax map and pointed out a pond area at the end of Moan and Groan Road. He states it has been a pond for several years and never knew of it not to be. However, NYS now has it listed as a road and he wanted the town board to be advised of such.
With no further business on a motion by Councilperson William Witts, seconded by Councilperson Mark Stuart, the meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Hope was adjourned at 2007.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon meeting minutes provided by Town Clerk Jill Dunham.

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