Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Lake Pleasant approves preliminary budget

 LPTB November 2 2020

Lake Pleasant approves preliminary budget


LAKE PLEASANT—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on November 2, the board held a Public Hearing On The 2021 Preliminary Budget.

After the Close Of The Public Hearing For The 2021 Preliminary Budget, Neil McGovern moved to approve, and it was 2nd by Nancy Seifts.

RESOLUTION #108 To Approve The Preliminary Budget For 2021 was offered by Neil McGovern 2nd by Cristine Meixner.

RESOLVED, that after fine tuning and much discussion the Board has adopted the 

Preliminary Budget for 2021.

ADOPTED, by the following vote: Ayes: Supervisor Bain, Councilperson: Neil McGovern, Nancy Seifts, Cristine Meixner, Don Braunius. 

Board planed on adopting the Final Budget on November 16.


Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported all three tandem trucks are ready for winter. The crew is working on expanding Fish Hatchery parking lot. Pig Rock parking lot will be closed until January because of a logging job, so the crew is going to put a culvert in to make a new parking lot on the Lewey Lake snowmobile trail. Siding is completed for this year on the old bus garage. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s office contacted the Town about the paperwork filed with FEMA and it has finally been approved. Hoping that Elise’s office can help in getting the larger checks owed to the Town. Still no action on the sanders that Lavarnway has put on Auction International. Maybe as winter is approaching there will be some bidders.

Doorbell at the Primary Care has been repaired problem with the rechargeable batteries.


RESOLVED, the Board accepted the 2020-2021 winter schedule from Oak Mt. Ski Center for 8 weeks program was ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Bain Councilperson: Nancy Seifts, Neil McGovern, Cristine Meixner, Don Braunius.

Question is there enough money put aside in the Preliminary Budget answer was yes. Don Braunius said that any communications will be between Oak Mt. and the Town Board. 


Donna Benkovich said that there were about 40 kids that participated in the Halloween activities at the Speculator Pavilion. Rec. Director Samantha Desrochers held a Halloween Parade. Supervisor Betsy Bain thanked her for all her efforts on pulling the activity together on a short time span and following COVID guidelines. 

Library Director Sharon Matthews reported that there were 60 adults and 89 kids that attended the “Trunk or Treat” at the Lake Pleasant Library.


Discussion on Juneteenth for 2021. The Town always follows the County’s holiday schedule, and it was decided by the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors that this holiday will be recognized but not a paid holiday. This will be revisited in 2022. 


OFFERED BY, Neil McGovern, 2nd by Don Braunius 

RESOLVED, that the Town Board has approved the 2021 Contract.

ADOPTED by the following vote: Ayes: Supervisor Bain, Councilpersons: Neil McGovern, Nancy Seifts, Cristine Meixner, Don Braunius.

Animal Control Officer’s Mike Peck and Laura Peck do their best in finding someone to adopt any stray dogs or cats that they receive, so there has not been an additional cost to the Town. 

Supervisor Bain suggested that if they received stray cats in the future maybe to contact Kitten Angels in Mayfield.


Supervisor Bain asked Bill Dievendorf H2O and Neil McGovern to work on guidelines for R/O owners. The Town needs to set down what they are responsible to pay for potable water for the homeowners who have contaminated wells. 

Supervisor Bain reported that the Village and Town joint committee on proposed septic and erosion regulations will consist of CEO Bob Benkovich, Neil McGovern, Mark Donecker and Mayor Barrett.

Committee on Short Term Rentals/Air B&B will consist of Neil McGovern, Don Braunius, Rebecca Smith, and Mayor Barrett. 

The Transfer Station will be closed on Fridays starting Nov 30-May 1.

This article is based upon the minutes of Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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