Wednesday, April 22, 2020

ILCS approves Federal Fund Policy for COVID-19


ILCS approves Federal Fund Policy for COVID-19
INDIAN LAKE—When the Indian Lake Central School Board of Education met on April 21, it approved a Federal Fund Policy for COVID-19 – a policy related to the use of Department of Education Grant Funds during Extraordinary Circumstances.
This policy is to address extraordinary circumstances (such as those caused by COVID-19) to ensure a plan for emergency contingencies for the use of Federal grant funds. This policy will address emergency contingencies in place for Federal and non-Federal similarly situated employees when the employee is unable to work or to perform such work or activities envisioned through the grant due to such closure (such as the COVID-19 closure). Notwithstanding the school closure as a result of an emergency (such as closure due to COVID-19), the District will continue to use Federal, State, and local funding to facilitate continuing activities, including distance learning opportunities for students served by Federal grants.
The District will continue to provide employees' compensation (including, but not limited to salaries, wages, fringe benefits and other allocable and reasonable costs) funded by a specific Federal grant even with the District closed to the same extent that compensation is paid from all funding sources (including non-Federal funds) under such unexpected or extraordinary circumstances (such as an extended closure due to a public health emergency like COVID-19). However, an employee who is being paid with Federal funds while program grant activities are closed in whole or in part due to extraordinary circumstances (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) may not also be paid for the time during which the program is closed by the organization or another organization for working on other activities that are not closed down. Under no circumstances will an employee receive compensation beyond what he/she is designated to receive.
The District will continue to maintain appropriate records and cost documentation to substantiate the charging of any compensation costs related to interruption of operations or services. Despite and throughout the school closure, all employees, whether receiving compensation through Federal funds or non-Federal funds, will continue to perform activities and services to the District as so directed.
Where Federal funds were allocated for a conference, training, or other similar activity which has been cancelled or postponed due to extraordinary circumstances (such as COVID-19), such funds may be used, at the discretion of the Superintendent/Board or their designee, to refund any nonrefundable  costs related to such cancellation. In order to be eligible to recover lost costs from a cancelled or postponed conference, training or other similar activity, the employee must document and demonstrate that s/he first sought reimbursement or refunds from the sponsoring agency, business, travel or lodging related agents or entities, if available. If applicable, the employee must also show that he/she first complied with, to the extent possible in light of the COVID-19 pandemic) any "act of God" provision that may have been in an agreement or contract for the conference, training, or other similar activity through which refund or reimbursement may be obtained. Once the employee has made the foregoing showings, the District may charge the appropriate grant for the cancellation costs, provided the costs were reasonable and incurred in order to carry out an allowable activity under the grant consistent with the Federal cost principles as set forth in 2 CFR Part 200 Subpart E.
Although the District may use funds from the Department grant to refund lost costs due to cancelled or postponed conferences, trainings and other similar activities, grantees and subgrantees recognize that additional funds may not be available, if such refunds or reimbursement  results in  a shortage of funds to eventually carry out the event or travel. The District will maintain appropriate records and cost documentation as required by 2 CFR § 200.302 and 2 CFR § 200.333 to substantiate the charging of any cancellation or other fees related to the interruption of operations or services under such extraordinary conditions.
While health concerns related to COVID-19 has suspended or deterred most travel, including grant-supported travel, if travel is permitted by Federal, State, and local directives and is the only means to carry out an essential function that must be accomplished on a time-sensitive basis during the COVID-19 pandemic, consistent with the District's travel policy, travel insurance may be purchased provided the cost is reasonable and allocable to the grant consistent with the Federal cost principles set forth in 2 CFR Part 200 Subpart E.
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