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Speculator set for virus state of emergency

Speculator VB March 9 2020

Speculator set for virus state of emergency
SPECULATOR—When the Speculator Village Board of Trustees met on March 9, the board learned some of the details of the NYS Declared State of Emergency: COVID-19 (Wuhan China) Virus.
Mayor Jeannette Barrett announced a State of Emergency had been declared by Gov. Cuomo for the COVID-19 Virus (Coronavirus) on March 13. Hamilton County Public Health Nursing Service provided a memo to Town Supervisors and the Mayor, stating that our county is presently considered at a low risk due to its small and low density population. No cases had been confirmed in the county thus far.
Mayor Barrett met with Camp of the Woods to review preventative measures for the safety of their staff, guests and the community. Communication between the CDC, Hamilton County Office of Public Health and SVAC has also been made to establish protocols in the event someone is infected with the virus. Good hygiene practice, social distancing and limited exposure to sick individuals was emphasized as the most effective prevention against COVID-19. More information on Coronavirus is available at the New York Novel Corona virus hotline at 1-888-364-3065 and Hamilton County Health Department at 518-648-6141.
Edward Scharpou, WWTP Chief Operator, submitted a written report and added additional commentary as follows: Normal sampling and system checking for the water department is in effect.
There were two water main breaks, One on State Route 8 and the other on Route 8/30 over the course of a week. A water boil alert went into effect. Residents were notified and the alert was lifted once testing was clear for bacteria. A fact sheet on boil water alert will be posted on the website at a further date to explain the rational the possibility of bacterial contamination.
Questions regarding salt use on Village roads was addressed. The Village has complied by the rules set forth under the Wellhead Protection Plan Law. There are two zones designated in the Plan. Zone 1 being the area surrounding the clearly marked wellhead. Nothing can be built within a 300-foot radius of the wellhead. Zone 2 is the extended area that is not a “direct area influence” on the well. The Village has complied with the law and further comment confirming the limited use of a salt and sand mix was stated. The law is available for public review in the Village offices.
The Wastewater department is awaiting the SPDES permit. The WTC (Water Treatment Chemical) notification form has been sent in to the NYS DEC for the change in polymer use.
The upgrade project at the WWTP has begun. Upcoming maintenance on pump stations and inspection of manhole covers will resume once the snow has cleared.
Clerk - Treasurer Crystal O’Brien has been working on the general election scheduled for March 18. This week will close the application for Absentee Ballots to be mailed to the Village, with the last day for walk in/drop off absentee ballot applications ending on Monday March 16. All ballots must be received at the Village on or before Election day. No post marked ballots will be accepted after March 18.
Due to time spent on budgeting process for DPW, the Financial Report will be available later.
The Budget Planning Workshop was held from 5 pm – 6:30 pm, concentrating on budgeting for the DPW, Water and Waste-Water Treatment Plant. The next budget workshop will be Monday March 16. This will review the Budget for the Fire Department and Village Hall. It will be held from 5 pm – 6:50.
A FEMA recovery scoping meeting was held in Benson last week. Mayor Barrett, Roger Blanchard from DPW, Scharpou from WWTP and O’Brien met with NYSDESHS and FEMA Representatives to review the Village claims with respect to damages and debris claim, insurance claims and engineering reports. We will be working on uploading the requested information to the FEMA Portal within the requisite 60 days.
Verizon Small Cells – We are still waiting to hear back from Verizon.
Makomis Fire Tower- We will be gathering photos for the APA permit and variance requirements. An APA representative will be on site with members of the SVFD assisting. The purpose is to show the visual impact of the fire tower from all views.
LED Street Lights – Buyout – We are still waiting to hear back from National Grid.
Employee Handbook Review and Update – Will be postponed until another meeting
DOT policy on use of CBD - A Compliance notice issued by the NYSDOT removed hemp and hemp derived products from the Controlled Substances Act. Issues with employee drug tests could occur as the level of CBD used may cause a test to come back positive for marijuana. If laws in cannabis change, this matter will be reviewed.
Mayor Barrett received pictures from Ryan Marshall showing the pumper truck being assembled.
Trustee Crary commended Mayor Barrett and Mrs. O’Brien on the construction and function of the new Village website.
Shorty Hoffman made a comment on the history of the Village and the last upgrade to the WWTP being dated back to the 1990’s.
Matt O’Brien asked when the Christmas tree will be coming down? Shorty Hoffman advised the church will remove the tree once it has thawed.
After holding an Executive session on the Moose Creek Holding LLC Notice of Claim, Trustee Crary made a motion to hire Mountain Abstract Company for the title search of Elliott Lane in the amount of $600 in connection with Moose Creek Holdings LLC Notice of Claim. Trustee Donecker seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Stacey Farina, Deputy Village Clerk – Treasurer.

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