Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Indian Lake receives grants.

ILTB April 13 2020

Indian Lake receives grants.
INDIAN LAKE—At the Indian Lake Town Board meeting of April 13, Supervisor Brian Wells reported that the Town had received a grant from the Adirondack Foundation for a new freezer for the Senior meal site in the amount of $50,000. He stated he would be sending out a letter of thanks to the foundation.
Supervisor Wells also reported the Town had received a $1,500 Grant from Stewart’s from their matching Holiday Grant Fund. He stated he would send out a letter of thanks.
Wells went on to say that during this unprecedented time there would be no Department Head reports. He told the Board Members if there were any questions for the Department Heads, they should write them down and send to him, he would in turn send to the Department Head for an answer.
Wells reported to the Board that the mass mailing of the letter he had written concerning the US Census had been mailed. He stated that, to date, only 35 % of Hamilton County Residents had participated.
Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that the drug testing for the Town's CDL drivers has been put on hold until the pandemic shut down is lifted. Supervisor Wells thanked Councilman Mahoney, Julie Clawson and Councilwoman Curry for getting information out to the public.
Supervisor Wells opened the one bid received for the groomer. The bid was from Mt. Grooming Equipment out of Vermont. The bid was received from New Holland Groomer in the amount of $184,289.
Supervisor Wells made a motion to accept the bid for review. Seconded by, Councilwoman Curry. All approved
Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that eleven (11) applications were received for the Senior Account Clerk Position. He stated he was working on how to do the interviews and would like to hire in July.
Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that he had done Tyler Monthony's performance evaluation. He stated that it was easy as Tyler was doing a good job.
Supervisor Wells reported that he had participated in a conference call with National Grid and NYSED concerning the chance of a storm that could bring down trees and knock out power. He stated they were ready to disperse if needed.
Supervisor Wells reported that the Community Action Agency has another order of food that needs to be picked up on April 20. He told all that he would follow up on this with Bill Laprairie, Department Head of Building and Maintenance. Councilwoman Curry and Councilwoman Stanton asked if everyone's needs are being met. Supervisor Wells stated that everything is going well, and they are getting the food out to those in need. Wells stated the biggest problem was the shutting down of the transfer station. People are just throwing their garbage out at the gate.
Christine Pouch told the Board that the Blue Mt. Association was giving a $5,000 donation to the food pantry.
Councilwoman Curry asked how the Meal Site was doing and was everyone getting what they need? Supervisor Wells said that all is going smoothly, and the meals were being delivered.
Supervisor Wells reported to all that the Rafters have put off any rafting trips until May 15. He stated that he would be meeting soon with Peter Burns to discuss the contract.
Supervisor Wells reported that a decision would be made soon concerning the Black Fly Challenge.
Supervisor Wells stated that the Memorial Day Parade would be held in Inlet this year.
Supervisor Wells stated that he would like to see a permanent Generator put on the site at the ski tow. This will be discussed later.
Supervisor Wells asked to get the information out to the public concerning Citizen of the Year. the Board would like to honor the nominated citizen at the June meeting.
Supervisor Wells told all present that this pandemic is something we have never dealt with before. He stated that if the Board or anyone had any input on how things could have been done differently or if something could be improved on this should be written down and can be discussed later.
Councilwoman Stanton sadly told all that Richard Rugin from Hope Valley Farm had passed away. Richard was a constant at the Farmers Market, and he will be greatly missed.
Councilman Mahoney reiterated that he cannot wait for everything to get back to normal.
Councilman Rathbun questioned if people could go to the Transfer Station. Supervisor Wells stated that the Town is trying to discourage that. He did however state that if anyone has C&D they just need to call and set up a time to bring the load to the Transfer Station. Councilman Rathbun also questioned Trash Day that normally would be held in June. This was tabled and will be discussed later. Supervisor Wells did tell all present that the County is considering opening the transfer station for a few hours or on certain days. This is still under discussion.
Councilwoman Curry also questioned any music contracts that were out that may need to be canceled or may be time sensitive. Supervisor Wells stated this would be investigated.
Councilwoman Curry stated that it was great to see all the community outreach the Library has been doing.
Councilman Rathbun thanked all the businesses that are open.
Christine Pouch told Supervisor Wells that she is willing to help in any way. She also reported that the Art Center would be opening as soon as they are allowed. She also let the Board know that Al Pouch was working for the Census so if anyone had any questions, they could direct them to him.
Supervisor Wells made a motion to enter Executive Session at 7:45 p.m. for the purpose of discussion Contractual and Personal obligations. Seconded by, Councilwoman Curry. All in favor. Motion Carried.
Councilman Rathbun made a motion to close the General Meeting at 7:46 p.m. Seconded by, Councilwoman Stanton. All in favor. Motion carried.
Supervisor Wells made a motion to exit Executive Session at 8:35 p.m. Seconded by, Councilwoman Stanton. All in favor. Motion carried.
No action taken during Executive Session.
Councilman Rathbun made a motion to adjourn meeting at 8:36 p.m. Seconded by, Councilman Mahoney. All in favor. Meeting adjourned.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Julie Clawson, Town Clerk.

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