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Lake Pleasant reduces highway workers

LPTB April 6 2020

Lake Pleasant reduces highway workers
LAKE PLEASANT—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on April 6, Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported that he has reduced his crew to two men a day because of the COVID-19. Two men on Monday to do garbage, Tuesday two men for recyclables, Thursday is two men for garbage, they go home after these projects are done.
The Transfer Station is closed on Friday and Saturday. Elisabeth Weaver is working Monday -Thursday.
The crew is still being paid and time is being kept track of so if possible, for reimbursement by FEMA or whoever in the future, we have the records.
The Village of Speculator is keeping its crews on, so is Inlet, Hope and Benson are keeping their foremen’s and part crews.
Councilperson McGovern asked what the County is doing. They are keeping their road foremen’s and garbage haulers and mechanics also. Greatly reduced crew also.
Lavarnway sent out email about the newest update was that a highway dept. south of here closed for 2 weeks because one worker came down with COVID-19. Surrounding Towns are pitching in to help.
Lavarnway says he can keep the men busy but better to keep crew home for another two weeks.
Councilperson Seifts asked about rotating the men not just using the same men all the time he said he could do that. Councilperson McGovern said Lavarnway was doing a great job. Councilperson Meixner said some people have asked her if the men were being paid and she said they were and the people that asked were happy to hear. Councilperson Braunius said he had walked the pathway today and said that the first part and second section of the pathway could use some fixing up and made safer. Councilperson Meixner was concerned that one guy working alone. Lavarnway said he would investigate it. Supervisor Bain will contact the Nursing Dept. for more masks for the crew.
The board agreed to give the highway superintendent their support and the flexibility he needs for the protection of his crew, staying at three days a week for the next two weeks with full pay.
ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Bain, Councilperson: Nancy Seifts, Cristine Meixner, Don Braunius, Neil McGovern   Nays: None
There was only one applicant for the diesel mechanic job, but he lived to far away. The Budget Committee agreed to raise the starting pay to $21.00 per hour. Lavarnway did mention to his men about the position and no one was interested. Councilperson Meixner and Seifts will continue to advertise on the Town’s website and face book with the new rate of pay.
BTI is going well Mark Crary, Vicky Wickes and Bill Waller have been out treating the streams with the water level so high, Vicky asked Supervisor Bain to order more treatment which she wanted the Board to know will be delivered to her house because the Town Hall is closed.
Councilperson Seifts reached out to Linda at BST about the AUD she was working on with Kathy. She took some info and will look it over and get back to Nancy.
Supervisor Bain spoke to BST and they have no problem moving the Audit out. All Department heads were asked to place their passwords in sealed envelopes which they have locked away in a fireproof safe.
RESOLVED, the Town Clerk will advertise that at the next Town Board meeting on May 4, 2020 at the Town Municipal Center there will be a public hearing for Local Law #2-2020 at 7:30 p.m.
proposed Local Law 2 of 2020 would appoint someone to temporarily fill the town's account clerk position, retroactive to March 13, 2020:
“Whereas a town employee has been a victim of a serious medical condition leaving our municipal offices short of staff
“Whereas the town board has determined that the unique experience of a former employee makes him/her the proper person to fill this immediate position regardless of his or her current elected position
“Be it resolved, that with full knowledge of these duties, and the general view that those positions may be seen as incompatible, it is in the best interest of the T/LP to so shall appoint the former employee effective March 13, Friday, 2020 until further notice.”
A public hearing on Local Law 2 of 2020 will be held Monday, May 4, starting at 7:30 p.m. Comments will be accepted at town hall.
ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Bain, Councilperson: Nancy Seifts, Cristine Meixner, Don Braunius, Neil McGovern
There will be a bill pay on April 23, so all bills need to be into Nancy by April 22.
Councilperson Seifts will let the Board know when the bills will be ready to be reviewed.
Supervisor Bain reported that Nancy is working from home. Town Clerk is working from home and her office checking the mail because she is still collecting taxes.  The phones are being checked also for messages. Deputy Court Clerk Faith Cleveland came in to close the Judges book work for March.
Library President Karen McComb is working on the Library’s annual report and will get it to the Board shortly. There are two vacancies for Board of Trustees if anyone is interested please contact Karen McComb or Director Sherry Matthews.
Supervisor Bain reported that the County Treasurer’s office has decided because they are so short staffed, they would like to hold off doing the Town’s payroll until May. Councilperson Nancy Seifts former Principal Acct. Clerk is doing the payroll, reports, and bills now.
Councilperson McGovern is concerned about the 2020 Census that the workers have been told to stop. You can do it online, but you need a code.
Councilperson Meixner added that when the County Treasurer’s office does take over the Town’s payroll etc. it would be considered shared services which means the State would assume part of the cost one time only.
Town Clerk/Court Clerk reported that the Court computers have been updated to run Skype for Court arraignments.
Supervisor Bain reported there has been 16 people tested for COVID-19, 15 came back negative. 1 positive case in the County. The Supervisor of the Town in which there is a positive case is contacted by Erica Mahoney from Hamilton County Public Health.
Supervisor Bain read a letter from the Lake Pleasant Park saying that they have postponed the opening of their park because of the spreading of the COVID-19.  They feel that it is more important to keep themselves and others safe. Supervisor Bain will call them and thank them.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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