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Inlet works to build communication towers

Inlet TB March 10 2020

Inlet works to build communication towers
INLET—When the Inlet Town Board met on March 10, Supervisor John Frey reported he is requesting that the attorney, surveyors, engineers and committee for the communication tower project get together and clarify many items. There is some confusion as to who would have ownership of the towers. Also, to clarify that the Town of Inlet uses Herkimer County 911, even though we are in Hamilton County.
Supervisor Frey added that what others want or feel that is needed in the tower is somewhat different than what our needs are. Need to address the expected timeline for the permit application. Frey added that there is still discrepancy as to how high of a tower that is needed between different agencies involved. If we do not get the height needed, there will not be enough signal for all the communications needed. He further mentioned that AT& T are still interested in having their services on the tower.
Robin Hill asked why often the articles do not mention all the proposed needs for the communication tower. Supervisor Frey answered that the grant we have been awarded places restrictions on the use of the tower. Further discussion regarding Raquette Lake’s towers and balloon tests followed.
Councilman Schmid MOVED to open the Public Hearing at 7:45 pm regarding the possible sale of a portion of land that separates the John Townsend property into two parcels. Councilman Levi Seconded. 5 Ayes 0 Nays Motion Carried.
John Deming is doing the research regarding the property owned by the Town and if there is a purposeful use for such property. Public Hearing will remain open and possible transaction will be researched and discussed further before anything is done.
No action was taken.
Superintendent Hansen reported on the numerous projects that they have been working on, in addition to cleaning Dunay’s lot, building a “wall” for Fire and Lights, keeping Fern Park clear, etc. He mentioned that he attended a lobby for CHIPS in New York State recently. He will continue to get work done in the storage building. He also wanted to recognize that his crew has done a great job this year and thanked the groomer staff for stepping up and helping when needed. The Highway Dept will change back to 4- 10-hour days beginning of April. Supervisor Frey added that he was told by a furniture delivery person that Inlet does a great job on the roads and thanked Shawn for that.
Supervisor Frey read the following resolution: Requesting and authorizing the county highway superintendent to post weight restrictions on town roads for the year 2020 dated: March 10, 2020
WHEREAS, Vehicle and Traffic Law Article 41, Section 1660 gives authority to the Town Board to post weight limits on Town Roads when the Board deems necessary to protect roads from harm during spring break up, and
WHEREAS, Vehicle and Traffic Law Article 40, Section 1650 gives authority to the county superintendent of highways to post weight limits on County Roads when the superintendent deems it necessary to protect County roads from harm during spring break up, and
WHEREAS, the Town would need to place an ad in the local newspaper notifying the public of such postings, and
WHEREAS, the County Superintendent places a legal ad in the local newspaper notifying the public of such posting on County highways, and
WHEREAS, the Town roads are typically posted for the same duration as the County roads, and
WHEREAS, the Town Board and Town Highway Superintendent believes that it would be in the interest of the Town if the County Superintendent post weight restrictions on the Town roads in conjunction with the County Roads during spring break up, be it
RESOLVED, the Town Board of the Town of Inlet hereby requests and authorizes the County Superintendent of Highways post weight restrictions on Town roads within the Town of Inlet when he deems necessary for the calendar year 2020.
Seconded by Councilman Levi 5 ayes 0 nays motion carried
Transfer Station is closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. New 30-yard container ordered. Roll off in Utica at the shop. Superintendent Hansen reported that Tina is doing a great job. Discussion followed regarding single stream recycling followed. Modified single stream might be an option. The advantages and disadvantages of single stream was discussed.
Adele and Bonnie are looking further into the ability to add a shopping cart to our Information website so that we can process more snowmobile permits online. There is a large amount of revenue missed with the lack of having this.
Chief Court Clerk, Georgia Levi was successful in obtaining another Court grant in the amount of $4,835. She is looking to purchase new furniture for courtroom/meeting room. Last year’s award was about $16,000 and was used for new carpeting, quiet air conditioners, secure justice chamber’s door, etc. Supervisor Frey thanked Georgia for her hard work on the grant once again.
Councilman Schmid wanted to point out a few items on Assessor Aimee Van Wie’s report, specifically regarding the fact that we won’t need a revaluation in town for about 5 years as we continue to stay at 100% valuation. Aimee really needs an assistant to help with data collection. Aimee has learned that the State is pushing for centralized assessment as any new hires for the assessor’s office need a 4-year degree.
Town Clerk presented the 2020 July 4th Firework contract and mentioned that there is a $500 increase in the costs due to the increase in costs.
Town Clerk gave the Board some different options for the sign on the front of the building that Publicity Director, Adele obtained. The Board looked at the ideas and gave an opinion on the best one.
The current program and ideas for Climate Smart was presented at a recent meeting. The committee is looking to have Aimee VanWie appointed as the local Chairperson and the committee will consist of Connie Perry, Robin Murdock, Adele Burnett Mary Catalino, John Frey, Peter Funk and Bonnie Lutz.
One item that is already being looked at is the runoff of the water from the parking lot into the channel. Connie Perry explained the goals of the program in more detail and that we have a great opportunity to educate people to make smart decisions for our climate. One idea that has been discussed was a community garden on the school property. We can also get credit for our Community Pride Day. She stressed the importance of buying green and buying local.
Supervisor Frey made a MOTION to appoint Aimee VanWie as the Chairperson of the task committee for Climate Smart. Councilman Brownsell SECONDED the motion. 5 ayes 0 nays motion carried.
Supervisor Frey stressed the importance of completing the census and being accurate in your reporting.
The trails were still open where the depth of snow allowed.
Shawn Hansen expressed concern though for private properties and not tearing up their property with the lack of snow. They will continue to groom if we get more snow. As soon as ground allows, work on bike trails will begin. The registration for Black Fly is considerably higher. The bikers like to start in Inlet, which is where it will start this year.
CORONA VIRUS - Supervisor Frey spoke about the dangers and concerns of this virus. There are no reported cases currently in Hamilton County, closest report was Saratoga County. He stressed the importance of not visiting nursing homes and hospitals.
Robin Hill spoke about the benefits of ANCA and that it is an organization that can help many with economic development. It can help put people together that are interested in buying or selling. Adele mentioned that it has helped local businesses.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Yvonne Lutz, Town Clerk.

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