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Lake Pleasant Library is open

LPTB March 16 2020

Lake Pleasant Library is open
LAKE PLEASANT—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on March 16, Lake Pleasant Library President Karen McComb said that she, Supervisor Betsy Bain and Library Director Sherry Matthews met and decided that the Library will stay open with regular hours.
Due to the warning about the spread of the Coronavirus hand sanitizers will be used coming in and out of the building. Only three computers will be used to keep a safe distance, all computers will be wiped down after use. All books checked out will not have to be returned until May1 and there will be no items from other library’s accepted.
Councilperson McGovern applauded them on their efforts, Councilperson Braunius wanted to make sure the correct protocol was being used for wiping things down.
Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported they are no longer grooming snowmobile trails. The groomers are all back and are in great shape, Grooming hours were down from past years. The gate at Mason Lake is locked.
Lavarnway received form 284 from Supervisor Bain which he needs to fill out which specifies what road work will be done each year and how much the cost will be. He is holding off because he does not know how much money the Town will receive for repairing infrastructure after the Halloween storm. There still has not been any applicants that meet the requirements for the heavy- duty mechanic job.
Councilperson Meixner says the starting salary is a problem. Supervisor Bain said maybe it is time for the Budget Committee to meet to come up with more money to increase the senior mechanic salary. Superintendent Lavarnway said that none of the current employees are interested in the position
Buildings: Superintendent Lavarnway is trying to keep things as clean as possible. Supervisor Bain ordered hand sanitizer from the County Nursing Dept as the Town doesn’t have enough. Mayor Barrett said that it can be made by mixing 1-part aloe vera to 3 parts rubbing alcohol. Suggestion is to use hand sanitizer when you enter the building.
The 2020 Lake Pleasant Senior Group contract has been signed by both parties. BTI treatments will start at the end of the month. The Town advertised for a BTI applicator position but there was no one interested. Supervisor Bain contacted the Office of the Comptroller and was able to get a May 1, extension for the deadline for the AUD.
Resolution #40 - The board agreed to hold off on having BST & Co. perform the town audit.
RESOLVED, that the Board agreed without an Account Clerk and the AUD not being done the Town will contact BST & Co. to wait to perform the Town Audit until everything is in place.
ADOPTED by all.
Supervisor Bain said there has been a lot of problems trying to get passwords to get into Kathy Aird’s computer since her accident, Bain feels all department heads should have a locked secure place for all passwords in case of an emergency.
Town Clerk Debbie O’Rourke, Councilperson Neil McGovern and Supervisor Bain met with Insurance broker Bryan Moldt about the co-pays that the employees are paying to Nathan Littauer Primary Care. Bryan felt there is confusion over how employees use their Health Savings Accounts. They can use their HSAs Card to pay the $5 copays but not recommended, better to save their HAS for larger bills. Neil has tried to meet with Patrice McMahon who oversees Nathan Littauer Hospital’s Primary Care Services, Neil will keep trying.
The Chamber contract has been signed and sent back to them. Verizon Contract is still being reviewed.
Supervisor Bain read the following resolution on the proposed Local Law #2
OFFERED BY Neil McGovern 2nd by Cristine Meixner
Whereas a Town Employee has been the victim of a serious medical condition leaving our Municipal offices short staffed
Whereas the Town Board has determined that the unique experience of a former employee makes him/her the proper person to fill this immediate position regardless of his/her current elected position.
Be it resolved, that with full knowledge of these duties, and the general view that those positions may be incompatible, it is in the best interest of the Town of Lake Pleasant to so appoint the former employee effective Friday March 13, 2020
ADOPTED by all
Lake Pleasant Codes Enforcement Officer Bob Benkovich gave his report on the conference he attended in Lake Placid March 1-5 on Northern Adirondack Building Officials Conference. He said that there are new codes that will take effect May 12. He wanted the Board to know that NYS is becoming more computer oriented and passed out information on Williamson’s Building and Codes Enforcement software. The Town of Arietta is using this software for a few years and it is working very well for them. Maybe Lake Pleasant and Speculator could work together to save on cost for this program?
Bob also addressed that there are many short-termed rentals in the Town with no permits required which concerns him because there is no supervision of safety, such as smoked alarms, fire extinguishers, and occupancy limits Maybe it is time the Board starts regulating them as other Towns are doing.
Councilperson Meixner said she is willing to require such units to be registered with the Town. Bob is not discouraging free enterprise, but this issue does need to be addressed. There are sales tax revenues that the Town is not collecting.
Bain also reported that Hamilton County Tourism Department received a grant to mail a 2020 Census letter which means they will mail individual Town letters to their residents at no cost to the Towns. Councilperson Braunius stated that the Census people have started going door to door and found many second homeowners self-quarantining which means they will be counted here. The Seniors Meal Site is closed but meals are still being delivered.
Mayor Barrett wanted everyone to know that the food pantry at North Country Bible Chapel is open by request and are excepting canned and dry food and paper products.
Mayor Barrett informed the Board that all Village Elections were canceled by order of the Governor the next proposed date will be April 28.
Youth Rec. Director Samantha Desrochers asked the board what they want her to do to help with the kids while the schools are closed because of COVID-19 virus. She wondered if she should put some programs together especially for those kids who parents must work.
After much discussion they decided it would not be safe even groups that would be less than 10. Supervisor Bain suggested maybe speaking to the Hamilton County Public Health Nursing Service about childcare, as it is organizing volunteers to deliver food and meds. Councilperson Meixner thanked Samantha for her energy.
Councilperson Seifts announced that the Lake Pleasant Volunteer Fire Dept. was able to buy two portable generators with the donations they received at the Pancake Breakfast. These are really needed during long power outage to help those homes in the community who do not have generators.
Councilperson Meixner has drawn up a petition which is urging the NYS Dept of Transportation to expeditiously restore State Hwy. 8 & 30 to a safe condition for travel. She is trying to get as many signatures as possible as this section of roads is part of two state Scenic Byways and the major thoroughfare in southern Hamilton County.
Councilperson McGovern suggested that the Town send something to help Kathy Aird because of her accident which is keeping her out of work.
Supervisor Bain reported that she is going to start working with the Comptroller’s office because the Consolidated Health budget went over the 2% tax cap last year.
Court Clerk Deborah O’Rourke said that the Town Court is closed for 45 days only arraignments will be handled by the Judges.
Councilperson McGovern and Seifts said that the Open Meeting Law has been suspended by Governor Cuomo by executive order on Friday March 13.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk

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