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Ladies of Benson seek more beauty in Benson

Benson TB May 19 2020

Ladies of Benson seek more beauty in Benson
BENSON--Peg Schutze presented the following letter to the Benson Town Board at its May 19 meeting>
This letter is written to you to ask you to bring up at the upcoming Board meeting a request that the Ladies of Benson would like to make. We have a project we would like to do at the Town Hall for the purpose of delineating the flagpole lawn/garden from the driveway/ parking area. It would involve placing some cedar poles around the perimeter of the garden/lawn area (temporary stakes have already been placed), and then pulling a rope through the holes that would be drilled near the top of the poles.
The poles are being donated by me, the work will be done by Jeanne Cox and me with some help from Bob Cox. We have spoken with Highway Superintendent George Blowers and he has graciously agreed for his department to dig the holes. We are including in our plans room for the mower and/or plow to get into the area when necessary.
I have also run this by Councilman Dave Rogers, Chairman of Building and Grounds, and now, as instructed, I am bringing it to the Board for their approval. I understand that this procedure is for "major " projects and does not include the work the Ladies do during the growing season to upkeep the gardens at both the Town Hall and the Sign area at the corner of Rt. 30/ Benson Rd . If I have misunderstood this latter point, then I would like to suggest that the regular seasonal work be revisited by the Board each year in January when you approve all those things in preparation for the new year.
Peg would appreciate the issue in her letter be taken care of as soon as possible.
own Barn Heat – Waiting for estimates. Rogers is getting estimates for siding the Town Barn. Discussed need for extra stop signs.
Rogers made a motion to ask Hwy. Supt. for 3 additional Stop signs at approx. $50 ea. Total cost of all signs not to exceed $3,000: 2nd Dave Pincombe. Motion carried.
D. Clemens wishes Benson to put crushed run or similar on .4 miles of Old Tannery Rd. in 2020 for the purpose of requesting CHIPS money.
Paving plan is currently a portion of North Rd. that was severely damaged by winter, 2020.
The ad is in the LH newspaper to hire a third employee for the Hwy. Dept.
Benson Roads need to be surveyed.
Rogers is getting quotes for a generator to be installed at the Town Hall; he is also getting estimates for the repair of the Town Hall chimney.
Rogers made a motion for the purchase of a 4-speaker voice recording system at $699 for the Board to be purchased by John Stortecky with the Town credit card; 2nd C. Biche. Motion carried.
Cemetery Comm. to mark out plots and Hwy. Comm. to put in corner markers.
Supervisor John Stortecky made a motion regarding the personnel change on the cemetery committee removing himself and replacing himself with Pincombe; 2nd Dave Pincombe. Motion carried.
This motion was requested to be changed to reflect Pincombe as the chairperson of the committee as he is familiar with the aspects of all thing’s cemetery; 2nd Charles Biche Motion carried.
Ham. Cty. may reach NYS requirements for Covid – 19 reopening by July 4, if all is appropriate.
All Ham. Cty. Testing for Benson, Hope and Wells were COVID–19 negatives.
Pincombe requested the Board be aware of the expenditures for the coming decade as the State may not be forthcoming with revenue for CHIPS.
Rogers made a motion to investigate the purchase of a 4 speakers’ system for the town board: 2nd Charles Biche. Motion carried.
The board approved the following resolution.
WHEREAS, the Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office, our bookkeeping service, has requested that the Supervisor/CFO adjust the budget monthly, and
WHEREAS, following this process will alleviate numerous end- of- year adjustments and
WHEREAS, on the budget report for April 2020 there are two accounts showing a shortfall of funds, now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, that the Supervisor/CFO is authorized to make the following two budget adjustments by transferring funds as follows:
TO ZAB.1910.401 Unallocated Insurance Cost- NYMIR $881.64; ZAB.1920.401 Municipal association Dues $394.
FROM ZAB.1990.401 Contingent Fund $1,275.64.
The board passed the following resolution.
WHEREAS, the Town Clerk has completed the sale of 2 cemetery plots requiring a new revenue account to record the sale, now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, that the Supervisor/CFO is authorized to instruct the Hamilton County Treasurer to create Revenue Account ZAB.2190 Sale of Cemetery Plots.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Town Clerk Jeanne Cox.

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