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Long Lake hopes for opening normalcy

LLTB May 27 2020

Long Lake hopes for opening normalcy
LONG LAKE—Long Lake Supervisor Clay J. Arsenault began the May 27 meeting of the Town Board by saying, “I’m sure everybody knows most of this, but I was just going to hit on a few things, the governor's re-opening play in phases.
“Even in Phase Two, the region must not open attractions. They are businesses that draw many visitors from outside the area. We would not be able to hold our events until Phase Four, Basically, the purpose of all our events is to draw on as many visitors as we can.
“We are currently in Phase One, which allows construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, retail.
“In Phase Two, professional services, retail, administrative support, real estate, rental, and leasing can open. Phase three are restaurant's, food services.
“In Phase Four entertainment, recreation and education are all allowed open.
“From the New York State Economic Development Corp website municipal government operations should practice physical distancing and telecommuting as much as possible. However, it is up to the individual municipality. How they determine which functions are essential. All governments are operating at a maximum of 50% in person workforce presence.
“FYI, Alex recently received guidance for opening the beaches, which were e-mailed to you and the highlights of the regulations are included in your packet, which are very lengthy, So thanks the Lord, she went through all that for us.
“And another FYI is we got a response letter from the Adirondack Experience regarding their decision to not open this year and our letter that we sent to them regarding that.
“I delivered hand sanitizer to, most, if not all of the local restaurants and hotels for them to use and businesses in general, in Long Lake and Racket Lake. I am waiting on a small delivery to bring over to Raquette Lake to leave at the highway garage so that we can tell any businesses who missed out on it. Wayne at the highway garage will have a little stockpile there.”
The shared maintenance agreement for bus maintenance with the Long Lake Central School District was on the agenda but Arsenault said, “I am removing this item, pending further information with town attorney. There is more of this that we need to discuss.
Next up was a resolution accepting Kathy Buxton’s resignation as Dog Control Officer, effective May 31, 2020.
Arsenault said, “Kathy Buxom e-mailed me on May 7, resigning her position.
“I would like to move that we accept Buxton’s resignation effective May 31 and I would like to thank Kathy for years of service to the Town in doing that position.”
The board accepted the resignation.
The board then passed a resolution appointing Andrew Pauls as Dog Control Officer.
Before the close of the meeting, Dean Pohl said, “I would just like to say that the county did a great job sweeping the streets and roads over here, and very sharp striping machine did a great job.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Dixie Lee LeBlanc, Town Clerk.
The next Town Board Meeting will be June 24 at 7 P.M.

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