Friday, June 26, 2020

Old Speculator ladder truck up for sale

Speculator VB June 8 2020

Old Speculator ladder truck up for sale.
SPECULATOR— At the June 8 meeting of the Speculator Village Board of Trustees, it was reported that to help offset the cost of the New Quint Ladder Truck for the Speculator Volunteer Fire Department, the SVFD is looking to designate the old ladder truck as surplus and sell the truck. The truck cannot be used for fire service and any sale must stipulate that fact. After discussion with Mr. Marshall, there are parts on the truck that can be salvaged for use on other trucks. The tires are in good condition and will be used for the rescue truck to eliminate the cost of having to purchase new tires. The SVFD is looking at a minimum bid of $3,500 and are targeting collectors with a possibility of two (2) with current interests. They plan to advertise in the Hamilton County Express, Facebook, and collector websites.
Trustee Donecker made a motion to designate the old ladder truck surplus, sell it for no less than $3,500 with the proceeds designated to go to the purchase of the Quint Ladder Truck. Trustee McComb seconded and the motion passed by the following vote: ayes – Barrett, Crary, Donecker, McComb, Rudes; nays – none.
Ed Scharpou, WWTP Chief Operator, submitted a written report. Additional commentary was made as follows: In the water department; the annual water quality report was sent out with the last billing cycle, all leaks and concerns with billing have been corrected or attended to, a leak at 105 Ruby Lane was found and is being repaired by an independent contractor at the expense of the homeowner, the radiator at the well building has been replaced, pump #2 was not shutting off when the tank was full so the pump was shut off for a few days and now seems to be functioning properly, lastly a new water service is being installed at the house next to the Lake Pleasant Lodge.
In the Sewer department; new SPDES reporting requirements are being met, Pumpstation #4 charcoal filter has been installed to reduce odors, operators continue operation outside the plant while waiting for the replacement of diffusers, Contract #1 has been extended into July, Contract #2 should be going out to bid in July or August, during the next month there will be discussion on Contracts 2 and 3 and the budget timeline, and after discussion with Mr. Scharpou, Trustee Donecker and Mayor Barrett, it was determined that the Village should have the funds in water and sewer to cover any shortfall we may see in the water and sewer departments resulting from COVID restrictions.
Crystal O’Brien gave a verbal Clerk-Treasurer Report.
2020 Village taxes have been sent out, the collection software was installed at the end of May, and we have been receiving payments.
The month of May has been reconciled and closed and Financial Report #10 is ready to review. Mrs. O’Brien started working with Ted from Williamson Law Books Monday on closing the 2019-20 year and the closing should be completed by the end of week.
Sadly, Mrs. Farina has given her two-week notice. She was offered a full-time job. Mrs. Craven has offered to resume her part time duties as business manager while a replacement is found.
COVID-19 update included the Governor is now allowing outdoor graduation ceremonies up to 150 people, but this does not extend to other types of outdoor gatherings. Mayor Barrett has received a draft of guidance for the Fourth of July fireworks from the Hamilton County Public Health Department. The Village’s current plan conforms with these guidelines except there cannot be any “drive-in” style parking unless there can be a way to enforce social distancing and spacing of parked vehicles.
Chief O’Brien was asked to join the meeting to give his opinion on the fire department being able to park vehicles in the ball field. Chief O’Brien did not feel that he would be able to get the manpower to properly monitor the parking of vehicles and felt it would put the fire fighters in a difficult situation. The Board decided to adjourn making a final decision on the fireworks until next meeting which is two weeks before the planned fireworks.
Halloween Storm - FEMA site inspections are being done virtually and are ongoing, Mr. Croote from Hamilton County Soil and Water department, Mayor Barrett and Mr. Blanchard are evaluating the beach and point Tuesday June 9, 2020.
No new updates on the Verizon Small Cells or the Makomis Fire Tower currently.
Some of the information provided by NYPA for the LED Street lights needed to be corrected, so in the interim Mayor Barrett is looking into alternative funding sources and following up with other municipalities that have installed LED Street lights to provide all relative information to help with discussion in the next meeting.
Trustee Crary thanked Mrs. Farina for all her work with the Village.
Mayor Barrett advised the Board that the inspection of the Quint Ladder Truck is scheduled for July 8. The completion of the truck is ahead of schedule. The grant request has been submitted and hopefully there will be no delays in receiving the funds, but if the grant monies are not received prior to the completion of the truck, the Village will not be receiving the truck until the funds clear the bank account. Chief O’Brien and Mr. Marshall will be going to Ohio for the inspection, all travel expenses are covered by the grant.
Mayor Barrett advised the Board that the 48th fly-in was a great success. There were ten participants traveling form as far as North Carolina. All ten participants enjoyed their experience and look forward to attending again next year on the first weekend in June 2021.
Rebecca Smith thanked the Board for having no increase in the taxes this year.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Crystal O’Brien, Village Clerk – Treasurer.

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