Friday, June 12, 2020

No cost change for Benson health insurance

Benson TB June 2 2020

No cost change for Benson health insurance
BENSON—When the Benson Town Board met on June 2, it heard from Peg Booth, representative of NBT Health Ins., who answered questions as to why the board should choose NBT Health Ins. Booth said the cost is the same as you are paying now. There will be renewal information each January.
Five applicants have responded to an ad for an employee for the highway dept.  Interviews will begin next week; none have proper license.
Paperwork done for North Rd. improvement approx. $50,350 from CHIPs and general fund.
There are two culverts to be placed on North Rd. Signs have been ordered for Town of Benson. Culvert on Manzer Hill needs opening.  Caution signs need to be discussed.
The committee is getting estimate for chimney work at town hall.
The town barn is not worth the cost of rehabilitating.
Approx. cost of generator for town hall - $10,000 installed with first year service included, after that service is $250/yr.
Committee is considering forming a Reserve Fund Balance for Roads and Equipment
Form for waiver during work for Town brought to Board. Junkyard Law to be discussed at Reg. Mtg.
The committee has sent out pictures of Kern proposed vault structure.
Repair gate at Washburn/Hall Cemetery was requested.
Tad Davis was interviewed for Town of Benson Board member.
The Equalization Rate for Benson now stands at 85% as fixed by New York State.  Reassessment may be necessary.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Town Clerk Jeanne Cox.

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