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Lake Pleasant had smokey flower barrels

LPTB June 10 2020

Lake Pleasant had smokey flower barrels
LAKE PLEASANT—At the June 10 meeting of the Lake Pleasant Town Board, Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported that two weeks ago someone called him about smoke coming from one of the flower barrels. Lavarnway was in Perkins Clearing with no cell service. He did not get the message until he was back in the village. Someone had moved the flower barrel away from the building. He contacted the Sheriff’s Office and the Speculator Fire Dept. After looking into the barrel, they noticed that plastic containers were used in the bottom of the planters which had hazardous material left in them. So maybe a cigarette put out in the barrel caused the fire. There was some melting to the siding as a result.
A question was asked if there are any outside camera’s around the Library. The answer was no.
The board then passed a resolution authorizing Lavarnway to order outside cameras for the Library.
The new deck/stairs are coming along at the Library. The Trex has been ordered. They do not have a non-slip product. If needed, there is a non- slip spray that can be used.
Lavarnway told the Board that FEMA is now requiring proof of ownership for each damaged road and culvert before it will do a virtual tour of the damage caused by the Halloween Storm. FEMA’s needs coordinates which Lavarnway has provided by Google Earth maps but they do not match. Lavarnway needs to purchase a more accurate GPS equipment so he can provide FEMA with the coordinates they are requesting, and he feels he be reimbursed 75% of the cost by FEMA. Asked what other Towns are doing Lavarnway told the Board that the Town of Arietta is hiring someone to do their work and the County has Lenny Croote from Soil and Water doing their work.
Culvert and bridge work are going to be the biggest and most expensive project for the Highway Dept. The large culvert on Fish Mt. Road is in area called Park Stream. The option of putting in a 20 ft. culvert would be a huge undertaking to replace the present 10 ft. culvert. The Highway crew will be building a bridge instead. The cost will be around $300,000 of which $30,000 will be for engineering costs. Highway Superintendent Lavarnway said that FEMA will be paying 75% of all projects that result from the Halloween Storm. Tracy Eldridge, Hamilton County Superintendent of Highway’s, suggested a 16 ft. bridge. The crew has completed repairs to Perkins Clearing Road. The Crew will start prep work on 2,100 ft of Page St. and 400 ft. on Old Page Hill Rd. Wednesday then pave by June 4th.
The board approved the hiring of Donald Pinkerton III as mechanic, starting at $18 per hour.
He will be starting in 2 weeks.
Councilperson Nancy Seifts was contacted by Rec. Director Sammy Desrochers saying she is in contact with KC Morrison to order signs for the Town’s Graduates.
Councilperson Neil McGovern has been in touch with Mike Camoin about Ring of Fire, which is done on the Great Sacandaga Lake, It would be part of the July 4th Celebration. People who live around the Lake would all make a campfire and maybe a drone could fly over and take pictures. He would like to see the word get out. There will be a July 4th parade along Downey Ave. and Fireworks at the Point.
Supervisor Bain reported that the BTI program has been completed. This was Mark Crary’s last year, so the Town is looking for two BTI applicators for next year.
The Town Board accepted the Lake Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department’s annual Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP).
The board approved entering a contract with the Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office to take over the town’s payroll and bookkeeping reports for 2020 at a cost of $7,875 for June-December.
The County has asked former Principal Acct. Clerk Nancy Seifts to help with the transaction. Dave McComb informed the Town that there has been some vandalism again at the Pathway.
Every year it seems that the signs are damaged. He does have a student who will be volunteering this summer to help with the Pathway.
The Community Gardens now have a new leader, Don Braunius has volunteered to help with equipment and keep the water on. Former gardener Mrs. Crisbacher has retired. Nancy Welch will be working with Don Braunius in the gardens. There are 16 plots, 4 have been planted so far. There are two greenhouses, but no work has been done on them yet this year.
Supervisor Bain explained how the Town Municipal Building will be open during COVID. The middle door will be open, and guidelines are posted for those to read before entering. There will be retesting June 4th at the County Tennis Courts.
The board passed a resolution to hire H2O to test the 6 contaminated wells and the town’s not to exceed $250.
The board passed a resolution to approve the repair of the former R/O system not to exceed $1,000 and return the R/O system back as a backup.
After a conversation with one of the neighbors with a contaminated well, he wants his original R/O system repaired and returned. He feels the one that is in his house is not efficient. Bill Dievendorf from H2O will have a quote for us by the next meeting.
Councilperson Cristine Meixner asked why the Schools are not doing signs for the Graduates. She was informed that they are supplying them to the Graduates for their driveways. She does not feel the Town should be spending the money, Councilperson McGovern said it is only for this year. The Youth Rec. Director is purchasing signs for the Graduates to be placed at the four corner’s Dean Lane Park.
Court Clerk O’Rourke informed the Board that the Lake Pleasant Court is one of the first to hold an arraignment through Skype. Town Clerk reported that DEC sent a letter stating the Town would no longer be able to issue fishing and hunting licenses, because of the amount of small quantity of sales. O’Rourke sent a letter to them stating the importance of the licensing and they have reconsidered.
Councilperson Braunius would like to see County and Town leaders send letters out to get the State Campsites open. There is lot of cleaning up before they open so it needs to happen soon.

This article is based on minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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