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Lake Pleasant CHIPS money delayed

LPTB June 19 2020

Lake Pleasant CHIPS money delayed
LAKE PLEASANT--Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported at the June 19 meeting of the Lake Pleasant Town Board that the CHIPS money the Town receives for roads has been delayed and Lavarnway feels CHIPS money could be less next year.
Paving of sections of Page St. and Old Page Hill Rd. has been delayed because the piece of equipment that the Gorman Group was going to use has broken down on South Shore Rd.
Lavarnway was asked if he was putting in an insurance claim for the siding that was damaged at the Library? Lavarnway feels it is so small, he will ask the contractor if he has a piece of vinyl to replace the damaged one.
The steps at the Library are completed. The highway crew has hauled about 80% of the stone needed to start paving jobs. The crew has started to help the County with paving in Long Lake.
Superintendent Lavarnway and Supervisor Betsy Bain had a virtual tour conference with FEMA on June 9, still problems with getting the work started on Hamilton Lake Rd. Still discussion on the Fish Mt. Rd. bridge at Park Stream.
The Board has agreed to have H2O test the contaminated wells 2X a year in the Spring and again in the Fall. Councilperson Nancy Seifts reported that the Hamilton County Treasurer’s office has completed the first payroll for the Town with her help. The Town offices are working on doing deposits, mailing checks out and getting time sheets to the County for payroll. Nancy has set up spread sheets to make the transition easier. Nancy said there is a learning curve on all sides.
Supervisor Bain and Councilperson Meixner meet to review the 2020 Emergency Operations Plan. They reviewed and updated the supply list and the emergency call list. Still trying to figure out a safe shelter for Trailer park citizens if there was ever a Tornado warning. Primary Care basement was considered but rejected. North Country Bible Church, which is the former elementary school, is being considered. Kevin Braunius has been asked to speak to the Deacon of the Church to see if that could be an option if ever there was a tornado warning.
A resolution to adopt a vacation donation sick time policy was offered by, Neil McGovern 2nd by Cristine Meixner.
“RESOLVED, Vacation Donation Time is to be used by fellow employees who experience medical emergencies, long-term personal illness, illness on the part of an immediate family member living in his or her household, or who are affected by major disasters and have exhausted all paid leave available to them; and would otherwise be subject to a severe loss of income during a continuing absence from work.
“Employees will be eligible to receive leave only after they have submitted a written request for leave that describes the specific medical emergency or medical condition and all other available plaid leave has been exhausted. There is no maximum number of times a donor may make donations to an eligible recipient. Donations must be made in hours without regard to the dollar value of the donated leave.
“Recipient cannot receive compensation through the Town of Lake Pleasant’s Vacation Donation Time Policy and the Town of Lake Pleasant’s Paid Family Leave Policy at the same time. The employee using donated vacation leave credits will not earn biweekly leave accruals or observe holidays nor do they receive personal leave or vacation bonus days if their anniversary dates fall while they are using donated leave credits. While using donated vacation leave credits, an employee will continue to have health insurance premiums; retirement contributions and other payroll deductions withheld from their paycheck provided the paycheck is of an amount sufficient to cover these deductions. Anyone who wants to donate their vacation time should contact their department head. The policy is not intended to provide supplemental income which would result in compensation levels exceeding normal wages for employees who have other sources of substitute income such as that provided by disability insurance programs.”
“ADOPTED by the following vote. Ayes: Supervisor Bain, Councilperson: Neil McGovern, Nancy Seifts, Don Braunius, Cristine Meixner. Nays: None.
Councilperson McGovern has not connected with Mike Camoin about the ring of fire that would be part of the July 4th celebration, further discussion.
The Town was asked to adopt 2 resolutions from the Adirondack Local Government Review Board.
A Resolution requesting review and change of APA policy on agency review of proposals for new telecommunications towers and other tall structures in the Adirondack Park was offered by Neil McGovern 2nd by Don Braunius and adopted by all.
A resolution recommending actions to strengthen the clean drained and dry aquatic invasive species (ais) spread prevention law was offered by Cristine Meixner 2nd by Neil McGovern and adopted by all.
Nancy Seifts and Don Braunius met and after much discussion, recommended to the Board not to have summer recreation this year because of COVID-19. Maybe there could be trips organized later in the summer if the numbers for the Coronavirus go down. Someone from the committee will inform the Rec. Director Sammy Desrochers.
Councilperson Don Braunius said he is getting more requests for garden plots at the community garden. There is a volunteer who is willing to replace Don in the future. He asked about the benches that are put out all over the community if they are being put out this year? He was told they were not going to be put out in the Village at this time. Would it be possible to put the few around the Town? Lavarnway will investigate this because no-one knows where the 3 benches are stored and if they can get to them. The benches would go one at Airdville Cemetery, one at the Court House and one by the Library.
Councilperson McGovern would like to see the fireworks go on this year. It is still undecided. McGovern also reported that there was a great Community turnout for a drive by birthday celebration for Ed Winchell’s 80th.
Supervisor Bain said she has contacted BST Company (audit company) about when they would be starting the 2019 fiscal audit? The Town had to put off the audit because there was no-one in the Acct. Clerk’s Office to provide reports to the Company.
Superintendent Lavarnway said that the new mechanic Donald Pinkerton 111 that was hired to replace Malcolm Cooke will start this Wednesday.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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